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Defstep - The Auto Nod 4.0

..Part 4..

..Mixed By Me..

..Head-Nod Beat Music, Nothing Less, Nothing More..

..Thank You..

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..Bitch flat out said "I am the future"..

..That chick G as all types of shit..



That Comment

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Oh No, It Can't Be.


 photo kobev.gif

..WTF is Dahntay Jones from the Atlanta Hawks doing on a sneaker line B?..

..Ole "I hope they still got my size left when I get to the counter" faced ass nigga..

..Stop it 5..





Random Thoughts About Sneakers & Social Networks.

Just Ranting,

I think the month of June has something to do with Sneakers and my feelings about the current state of them and the community. Last June, is when I stopped recording youtube sneaker reviews, at that time the current state of the game and entities within in it no longer made what I did on youtube, "Fun". It began to feel like an errand, I lost the excitement value of doing videos and entertaining the people who were interested in actually taking the time out of their day to view my videos, I then announced my "retirement" of sorts from reviewing sneakers.

From then to now, I've seen worse from people doing an excess of videos to gain attention and $, channels full of bullshit discussion vids, bullshit "quick peeks", then a full review" then an additional "on foot" vid for "one shoe". Now people are doing reviews on variant sneakers, comparing it to real shoes. When in the fuck did this become cool? I can slightly understand the reasoning behind those videos, but when it comes down to you dropping a link or a name for others to cop these variants, saying "I can't really tell the difference", I think you're full of shit. You have young new people with interests in sneakers and they see their "favorite youtuber" reviewing these kicks and bigging them up and they start to believe, "well if so and so who's a supposed "expert" at sneakers, has them and can't tell the difference between the real and the fake shoe, then how could a regular person on the street tell? I might as well cop the variant then"...anyone has the right to buy what they want, I just don't think it's cool to possibly steer them in that direction thinking it's aight to fuck with variant sneakers, I don't even understand why you purposely even have variant sneakers in your possession, but do you. I literally sat here and seen a grown ass man cry over possibly losing his youtube channel...a fucking youtube channel b, fuck that, I haven't cried since I found out my mom had Cancer, never see me shed no fucking tears over no got damn video channel...I can actually say that I am glad I left that aspect of the sneaker community when I did.

This whole extreme grasping for attention wave is horrible, yeah I clown it and find humor in the ignorance, but at the end of the day, with social media networks and sneakers, this need for attention from people with sneakers is no laughing matter, people are exploiting themselves in order to get likes and views (this in a way is the same with youtubers in the triple play videos for one shoe as I explained earlier) except, these people aren't even getting paid for it, they are simply doing it for attention and e-props from people they don't even know, what happened to simply taking a nice picture of your sneakers and sharing it with the world, to show the beauty of shoe or simply maybe changing someone's mind about how they initially saw it and now would like to obtain a pair for themselves? Nowadays, it's kids putting shoes in ovens, putting them between sandwiches, sticking them in a fridge, climbing trees and all kinds of extreme actions, but once again do you.

The new shit I'm noticing on Twitter, the magnitude of complainers, whiners and stupid fucks, you have these dudes who will tweet weeks about a shoe, then when it's time to cop, they don't even get the shoe. Just a thought, maybe if you STFU, stop being a hype, stop adding to the hype, you might have a slightly better chance at copping the shoe you really want, I don't even tell people what I want anymore, I just get it when I can. Then there's these other dudes who brag and boast every time they get a shoe, nobody gives a two shits about your "copped" or "copped with ease" tweets, fucking sit back and relax, be humble, for every 20 followers you have somebody didn't get to cop or couldn't cop with ease, and you're steadily throwing shit in their face, then wanna wonder why you lost a follower. (Omg, the life-ending, lost a follower feeling, man eat a dick). The more "wtf?" aspect for me is that outta 20 kicks you successfully copped with ease, comes the one shoe that a website sold out of or that you missed, and you actually sit there typing statements about how upset you are you didn't get that shoe, are you fucking serious? You just got 12 in the past 3 weeks and 1 you couldn't get it's such a fucking problem we need to hear you express your unhappiness, man go somewhere with your hoe ass.

No disrespect to ComplexSneakers in any way, but this is just my feeling, a lot of people who made that top 20 twitter sneaker info whatever's, changed, not in a good way but in an annoying fuckboy way, it's like you got some followers because of it and now don't know how to act, went from being humble and sporadically tweeting, to full blown tweeting bullshit all day. People noticed you for what you did, uphold that.

And slime, nobody on your timeline gives a flying fuck about the shipping status of those kicks you're waiting for, fuck your "got my confirmation email" tweet, your "got a tracking #" tweet, your "out for delivery" tweet, your "mailman just pulled up" tweet, fuck all that superfluous bullshit man, grow the fuck up.

These are just my thoughts, in no way is my word law or should even be taken to heart, I really don't care what the next man is doing, but when it's constantly shown to me on my timeline how my peers and people I once had some respect for are acting it's kinda hard to ignore. I'm just getting this off my chest because I believe that in my time within this sneaker community, taking some time away from it, I too may have been guilty of the very same things that I find repulsive, so I'm just speaking on it...I could give 2 fucks about your opinion on it as I hope you could give about mine.

If you got to this point, thanks for reading.



..Nigga What?..

 photo 1996-97_50.gif

..Did you really put some fucking scotch tape on your shoes my dude..

..TF Ole Arts & Crafts custom job fuck is this??..

..Nigga just let them shits go B..

P.S. Shouts to @EveryAutumn

Ayo Slime

..Man WTF is This?..

 photo tumblr_m2oto7SGwf1qzv4vio1_400.gif

..Shit look like it just left the premier of that new Wolverine movie..

..Why in the fuck is a multi-million dollar company shipping out peoples shoes in a got damn bag slime?..

..Box look like someone played full contact football with the shit..

..Shit all slashed the fuck up..

..I know some good people at Finish Line, but y'all dropping the fucking ball B..

..This some bullshit..


Sperry Splatters

 photo tumblr_mkrdbpvZL41qc15c0o1_2501_zps19e1480e.gif


I Can't Breathe

 photo nYxauUC_zps4f8373e2.gif


Man, Who Edited This????

 photo 6tgh8hj3_zpsedef12a4.gif


The Wrath Of Vajra (Trailer)


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Nike Talker Denim

 photo 4087rhrhf_zps13fdbcdc.gif

..Jeans looking like EMO Rave Pants B..

P.S. Shouts to Niketalk


..New Boxes look nice..

..But the paper it's made out of is complete shit..


Did this nigga really...

..No he Didn't..

 photo 2yke79u-2.gif

..Nigga opened up his got damn defense with a Joke..

..Swear on everything breathing if that was my lawyer..

..I'd a jumped out my seat and hit that nigga with vicious ass 1-2 combo punch..

..Look at the niggas sitting down their reaction to the joke..

..Fam is a real fuck nigga..


MJ Vs Lebron

 photo imaSq3oMHTR2n_zpsce8dd782.gif

P.S. He'll never be Jordan Though.

Will.I.Am is a Coon.


 photo 2a98wtd_zpsb552735e.gif

..Y'all thought I was just hating when I said this nigga was a coon..

..Look at him..

..Nigga sold his got damn soul for some fame and $..

..Just look at his face..

..He know what he doing right there in that space and time is a complete waste of life and time..

..Fam went from being a backpacker b-boy, to some futuristic leather wearing nino brown haircut having fuckboy..

..Fuck This Nigga and everything he loves..



Man, WTF?

..Fucking Clowns..

 photo ekojyw.gif

..Fake Ass Sneakerheads..

..No real Sneakerhead does this type of dumb shit..

..Bitch ass nigga at the table doing dumb shit underneath it..

..Socks look stupid as all types of hell..

..Should Dragon Tail foot sweep your hoe ass for this..

..Fuck your entire thought process..

P.S. Shouts to @Nandoboiii6


 photo Image2site_zps8caf8a47.png


First This..



Koutei Sennin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..One of my favorite Animators Ever!!..

 photo 893_zps11a1e529.gif

..OMG @ 0:58 when he shifted to the right to let the guy walk pass..

..Track is BMB Space Kid - 888..



Jay-Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail (Samsung Commercial)

..New Jay-Z Album Dropping 07/04/13..

..Entitled "Magna Carta Holy Grail"..


Man WTF?

..Naw Slime..

 photo 2j2jcas_jpg.gif

..You didn't just put both those damn camo's foams on B..

..Them shits in no way even match..

..The fuck wrong with you B..

..You niggas are clowns..

P.S. Shouts to @ShammmGod_

This Nigga Drake.

..There go Drake dressed like a Grand Theft Auto Sidewalk Extra..



Nobody Bother Me.


I'm Crying

 photo 11514-animated_gifchat8etf.gif

P.S. Shouts to @nbabsolutely

No You Didn't...

..Fuck No..

 photo tumblr_m1g6jjckIZ1r6kwkc.gif

..You didn't just make an auction with the waiting in fucking line screen from NDC..

..I know you didn't..

..and I know niggas didnt really start bidding on this bullshit too..

..TF Wrong With Y'all?..

P.S. Shouts to @Mighty1ne

Grape Fuckery.

..I just knew one of your fucking clowns would do this..

 photo fsgthgjry76671_zps4e15150b.gif

..Y'all couldnt wait to run home and lick your fucking kicks like a coon right???..

..Typical ass new face sneakerhead ass clowns..

..So Tastey?..

 photo tumblr_mhvq36jRxz1r877b7o1_500_zps9beecb0a.gif

..You too fucking grown to be doing this type of fuck shit..

..There go Pusha T..

P.S. Shouts to NastyNate, @DcastUA, @Apgar, @_TrippyG