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Ay Will, come get your son, man

..Look at this nigga..

 photo 6tgh8hj5_zpsc915e16d.gif

..Fuck wrong with that man's son B..

..Fam out here dressed up as Iron Man for no got damn reason..

..Jaden Smith gives no fucks what so ever B..

..Imagine Will seeing these pics?..

..He smashing Kylie though!..




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Black Toe.

..Shouts to the Connect, Grateful as always..

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..This Bitch Wilding the Fuck Out Cuz..

 photo 6tgh8hj4_zpsfc574bc9.gif

..She hit like 15 different Green Army Men Poses Yo..

..I'm mad chick at the counter didn't even move..

P.S. Shouts to @And1Grad



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Vanessa Rae Chillin On Deftronic.Com

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..Shouts to..






..For the Dope Capture & Support..


More Shoework By @Renz360

 photo VBXOL09_zpsaf22c00c.gif

..Shoe Work by my good friend @Renz360..

..Only works on a limited amount of pairs at one time..

..You can contact him at

..Please Provide Pics of shoes you need work on in the email..

..Tell him I Sent You..

(Receipt Ink)


That Comment

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P.S. Shouts to @Wau_Gasol

Martin Toother King Jr.


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Side Nigga Of The Year Award Goes to...

..Man I'm Outs..

 photo tsXkj3i_zps638588c7.gif

..Can't believe this is the type of life were living..

..Fam really said "Fine With Me" then ended it with a fuckboy ass "lol"..

..Man fuck you Strawberry Flavored Cream Cheese ass niggas..

P.S. Shouts to @OfficiallyIce

Same Person

P.S. Shouts to @5DodgeBoy7


..Are you niggas fucking serious??!!..

 photo 6tgh8hj2_zps5ec70bc1.gif

..What in the muthafuck is going on here?!?!?!?!?..

..Y'all niggas really the fuck out here dressed like Luke Backup Dancers My G?!..

..Son, these niggas got on cut up spandex..

..In what unorganized universe of fuckboyness do these dudes come from B..

..Fam in the pink is sagging his spandex..

..Man Fuck all This..

P.S. Shouts to @Rhay1991

Hudson Mohawke - Fuse (Cover by Paul Dateh)

..Asian nigga going off..


That Comment

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P.S. Shouts to @Wau_Gasol

The Iceman Cometh 3D (Donnie Yen)



When Showing Off Goes Wrong.

 photo 50-cent-picard-gif_zps9240a5dc.gif

P.S. Shouts to @_AlexRuby


..Look at this nigga French Montana's Autograph..

 photo defgif21.gif

..Shit look like he ran pass the CD with a open marker in his hand..

..Nigga gave no fucks at his signing B..

..Fam dead ass did the Kanye "write my curses in cursive" move

P.S Shouts to @LickMySoles

Lemme Guess

..You figure'd it would be cool to put graphic fire on your kicks because the shot is nicknamed "Fire Red's right?..

..You just gonna black and white the shoe out and leave the fake flames in color right?..

..You instagram niggas are so wack B..

P.S. Shouts to @Johnny_Blaz3

Fuck Is This?

..That shit look stupid fuck..

..Nigga XI's looking like Bowser and shit..

..Just straight overdoing shit..

..& WTF at them Fuckboy socks, shit got beaded up lint on it and shit..

..This entire shit was a fail B..



Miguel's Leg Drop.


 photo lebronlaughjpg.gif

..Nigga dead ass jumped over the crowd heel kicked one bitch in her head and leg dropped the other..


..Then the nigga kicked back and hit a fucking high note!!!!..

..That's the bitch he leg dropped..

..Bitch look like a mexican gargamel..

..Nigga I'm Outs..


They Lined Up For Them Cam'Ron Socks My Dude...

..This Can't be Life..

 photo hujduki1_zpsbc951295.gif

..This the most disgusting shit I ever fucking seen B..

..Niggas really out there lined up and waiting patiently to purchase some got damn Cam'ron Elite socks..

..Fucking socks..

..Fuck this generation..

..You're all a bunch of fucking losers..


Yeah Aight.

..Man GTFOH..

 photo tumblr_mc95f7geR01qk9wsto1_400_zps2600b943.gif

..1. I'd never marry without smashing my wife to be and testing her head game out..

..2. If she demanded I'd wait till we wed and let's say I was on some sucker for love shit, I'd have my dick in her yum yum before we stepped off the alter my dude..

..Nigga over here kissing his wife then eating a raw potatoe cause he don't wanna smash..

..Ole hoe ass nigga..


Come On Slime.

..The fuck wrong with this nigga cutting skills B..

 photo defgif24.gif

..That is the most Uneven cut of a sandwich I've ever fucking seen..

..That shit look like its done on purpose..

..I got another one today and look at this shit..


Riddick (Trailer)

..Do not watch if you don't want the movie spoiled..

..Shit look crack though..


Kanye West On SNL.

.."New Slaves (Prod. By Hudson Mohawke")..

.."Black Skinhead"..

..Yeezus Album 06/18/13..

P.S. Red Yeezy 2 on Kanye Feet

That Comment

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P.S. Shouts to @tit_o_

First This...

..Then This..

P.S. Shouts to the internet for this classic.