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Greatest Jordan Sneaker Ever.

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..In My Opinion..


I'm Cryin!!!

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Grand Theft Auto V : Michael, Franklin, Trevor


The Need For Acceptance.

I often make posts clowning the extreme lengths people go through for acceptance and attention on social media networks, but it's really not a laughing matter, The need in this day and age for Likes, Retweets, Thumbs Up, Views, and Reblogs are ridiculous. People will literally embarrass themselves, make themselves look like complete idiots just for the appeal of getting noticed.

I don't exactly know why this is the way it is or why this has became the thing to do.

I seen a dude write a long speech because he was reaching his 3,000th follower on instagram, he was extremely proud of this achievement, whilst reading this passage I came away with the understanding that nothing else in the world he had achieved so far in life was bigger than that moment

When did social network acceptance become extremely desired?

Humans will become slaves for the most ridiculous things, I know there is always that notion that if you don't like it just ignore it or the "Why do you care what someone else is doing?", I really don't, it's just that I wish so much more for our generation, there is way more better things you could exert your energy towards instead of thinking of the next way to get 500 "likes"

P.S. Shouts to 9gag


Oh Word.

..Naw Bitch..

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..This ain't how I imagined life to be..

..Bitch is really pouring out milk on a counter top while maintaining a straight face..

..Fuck Everything..



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P.S. Shouts to @OGFlash

Stop It.

..Why do I never see children with socks with capes or tassles and shit on them?..'s always grown ass men..

..Y'all need to fucking stop..

..This shit dont even match cuz..

..Shit looks stupid..

..Like really fucking stupid..


Massive Monkees 14th Anniverary Recap

..Too Many Sweet Moves..

..Track Is M-Phazes - For What It's Worth (Instrumental)..


Ray J- I Hit It First (Video)

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Gramps Stylin On Us!

..You can't tell her nothing..

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..Shit is so fucking real..

..Shits look crisp too..

..And she got the low sock swag poppin..

..Muthafuckin skull cap on..


..Her arms long as fuck though..

P.S. Shouts to @GrailsOnGrails

This Custom Shit Gotta Stop.

..Cement III Roshe Run's?, Really?..

 photo 343nsdc-1.gif

..You really went out your fucking way to make this shit?..

..This shit is just disrespectful..

..I don't even understand the fucking point of that sole, you might as well should drew a fake ass air bubble while you was at it..

..Then you just gonna put 2 lil red dots for the eyelets..

..I don't even know what to say about this shit..

 photo Coleman_wtf-1.gif

..Nigga didn't even fully color in the 90 right..

..side of the 88 is off..

..Shit got lil midget teeth on the side like its a V..

..Fuck It..

P.S. Shouts to @BasedLaRock


..How in the fuck?..

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..How do you shit out all that shit and not get one morsel in the got damn actual toilet?..

..There's not even a speck of shit in the water..

..This nigga got shit on the wall, plumbing pipes, the back unit, and the back of the seat..

..But manage to miss that entire big ass hole where the shit is supposed to go..

..Then dont even have the common decency to just shovel the shit into the toilet..

..Just let shit everywhere, on some zero fucks given shit..

..I don't even think that nigga wiped his ass..

P.S. Shouts to @Juveniledil

BLK - Water Flow

..Go Try it..

..Once you get over the sense that your drinking black water..

..It's pretty good..


Them Likes

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P.S Shouts to @WayneL_Jr



Durex Fundawear


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..Bout to cop one of these for your moms!!..



..Favorite Shit Out..

..I hardly even listen to rap anymore..

..Gonna See Them Live This Summer..



Zero Fucks Given

..This Nigga..

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..Fam really out here rocking Elite Socks and Tom's B..

..The Amounts of Fuck not given by this man is legendary..

..Shoes all turned the fuck over..

..This man is on that other shit B..

P.S. Shouts to @DFL1976

Lenny Cooke The Movie (Trailer)

In 2001, Lenny Cooke was the most hyped high school basketball player in the country, ranked above future greats LeBron James, Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. In an era when high school stars were forgoing college hoops in favor of the potential multi-million dollar contracts promised in the NBA draft, Lenny was supposed to be the next superstar. He had the world at his fingertips. But over a decade later, while his peers are taking home MVP awards and championship trophies, Lenny has never played a minute in the NBA. What went wrong?


TF @ Justin Bieber

..And Them Bitches Still Screaming They Heads off..

..Is that nigga bodyguard rocking a sweatshirt onesie?..

..Weird ass Creep Niggas..




..Man Fuck Is This?..

 photo 23afb.gif

..Who the fuck is making these shits?..

..Who in they right mind would want Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas on they feet?!?!..

..What the fuck does any of these socks gotta do with Basketball or Sneakers?..

..You niggas is just doing WTF you really want to do with this sock wave huh?..

..I'm Outs..


Man What?!?!

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Seventh Woods...My Nigga

..Fam is only 14 years old..

..Keep an eye out for him..

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Thor : The Dark World (Trailer)




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Jamie Foxx As Electro in Amazing Spider Man 2


 photo defgif10.gif

..Since when does Electro look like Skeletor from He-Man?..

..They got this man out here with a North Face on..

..Got this nigga looking like a homeless Avatar..

 photo defgif7.gif

..The Fuck Going on round here?..

..Nigga look like the Emperor from Return of the Jedi..

..I'm a huge Spider-Man fan, from my recollection, the dude is White..
(we'll just let that slide it's 2013, time for change right?)

..But I also remember the nigga costume being Yellow and Green..

(can't even front that shit look ill right there)

..But fam walking the street and ppl don't see the man hoodie doing the Billie Jean and his face UNC Blue?!..

..They sure know how to fuck something up Man..


ShoeWork by @Renz360

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..Shoe Work by my good friend @Renz360..

..Charges $50 for services..

..Only works on a limited amount of pairs at one time..

..You can contact him at

..Tell him I Sent You..


Stop It Slime!

..What in all types of fuckboy shit is this??!??!?!?!??!!?..

 photo scared.gif

..Is this big nigga really wearing pink ribbed cheetah print socks with pink foams??..

..Nigga legs look like they bout to fucking explode..

..I really fucking can't B..

..1 of them 42 likes better not be a dude..

..This shit gotta stop..

P.S. Shouts to @agraham2017

New Drake

..Not Bad, Not Bad..


Got Em Coach!!

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