Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)



..I Can't Breathe..

 photo hujduki4_zps17278c0d.gif

..Nigga photoshopped turbine jet engines on his kicks and made them fly B!!!!!!..


.."I TAKE OFF IN MY FIGHTER JET FOAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"..


..Then the nigga watermarked like someone really wanna steal that shit and claim it as theirs!!..

..Man Fuck Instagram..

P.S. Shouts to @agraham2017

The Conjuring (Trailer)



Aight Man, You Got It!!!

..You Win..

 photo tumblr_lax4n6L1Qk1qdubemo1_500.gif

..You take the fucking cake..

..It gets no more fucking extreme than this for a sneaker pic..

..This man is winning on all levels of sneaker pics..

 photo gfdgfsg_zpsf02c26c6.gif


..Fuck this shit B..

..My Nigga really climbed a got damn tree with a snake in his muthafucking hand..

..Found a nice spot with moss on the branch mind you..

..Took the snake positioned the mahfucka around his leg and took a shitload of pics until he got the perfect pic..

..There it is boys..

..All you sandwich shoe pic, shoe in the oven, lightning hitting your lightning IV ass nigga just lost to this fucking asshole..

..King of the Asshole's with Kicks & Instagram Owns Y'all..Clap for em..

P.S. Shouts to @5DodgeBoy7


..Naw Bitch..

 photo chuckle_zpsa6673656.gif

..Nigga's making up they own colorways and shit..

..Shoes sound like wood when they hit the table..

..Lace Bag sound like a camp fire when she touch it..

..Vent Holes on some of em ain't even punched out correctly..

..Then this nigga here trying to get sponsored by a fake shoe site..

..Man I'm Outs..

P.S. Shouts to @hkstaaterman


..Instagram niggas have no chill B..

..I just dont get it..

..Chef Boyarwilli..


 photo 30dijit.gif

..Man if you don't take your ass somewhere with this fuck ass shit..

..Should turn the oven on, blow out the pilot, and light a match during your shitneck photo shoot..

P.S. Shouts to @Synical523


 photo sardtrg_zps2f1301bd.gif


Elite Sock Fuckery


 photo 8zr0vrjpg.gif

..Niggas really sat there and put Cam's face on some fucking socks blood..

..You an ultra fuckboy jungle gym swinging robo homo ass nigga to want to have another man's face on your got damn shins my dude..

..I don't care what you say, there's no way around it, if you a male and rock these..


 photo tumblr_mc95f7geR01qk9wsto1_400_zps2600b943.gif

..Nigga's made New Jack City socks??..

..What in the What The Fuck's does that gotta do with sneakers?..

..And Why the fuck would I want Pookie the Crackhead on my got damn shins?..

..Man What?!..

..Y'all reaching like a mahfucka B..

..Please Stop This Bullshit..

P.S. Shouts to @JCenky


..My son ever leave the house looking like this, I'd shoot him and his friends that allowed to walk along with them..

..And on top of that the lil snot nosed nigga got on Girl Jordans..

..Where are your got damn parents?..

..They need they ass Zangief'd..
(yeah I said Zangief'd)

..Should run up in apple and straight fold this lil nigga..


Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain

 photo 2d135ol.gif


Father Your Sons.

..TF is this creepy shit?..

 photo george.gif

..Oh so teenage niggas is proud to leave they house dressing like a hamper?..

..Ole Odd Future Rejects looking ass fuckboys..

..Did this nigga tuck a denim jacket into his pants?..

..Ole Birdchest ass nigga, they the type to if one get punched hard the other one start crying and screaming "I didn't do nothing!!!"..


P.S. Shouts to @marsblackmon87


New Pickup (Nike RosheRun FB Black/Mint)

 photo Image1-38_zps668da493.png
Nike RosheRun FB Black/Mint
Available Now
Style # : 580573 063
Msrp : $70.00



New Pickup (Kobe 8 System "Easter")

 photo Image6-13_zps0b0002ec.png
Kobe 8 System "Easter"
Drop Date : 03/29/13
Style # : 555035 302
Msrp : $140
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Dragon House - Illusion Of Choice


P.S. Shouts to @IceColdReap


 photo 0073_1nbe.gif


The Prancing Elites


 photo funny-gif-Bruce-Lee-laughing_zpsc74b6890.gif

P.S. Shouts to @5DodgeBoy7

I can't breathe.

 photo hujduki13_zpsf48b0276.gif

P.S. Shouts to @mikeewhelan

Man What?!?!?

..This Makes No Fucking Sense..

 photo defgif22.gif

..You coulda actually found a shoe that was billiards inspired and did this..

..But you thought of this dumb fuckery all on your own..

..I can't even explain where the fuck you was going with this shit..

..Like there is none, you can't even give me one..

..The only conclusion we can both agree on is that you are a fuckboy who wanted instagram attention and likes..

..Eat a warm dick..

P.S. Shouts to @Wcdubya


Look At This Bitch.

..You can't be serious, Chico..

 photo fsgthgjry76673_zps70aeb36b.gif

..If you dont get the fuck outta here with this fuckboy shit..

..Ole "I didn't get the job" faced ass nigga..

..Nigga sisters and brothers all laughing and playing and you in the back crying over some bitch..

..Should punch you dead in your muthafucking chest and knock the wind out ur cheesecake chinned ass b..

 photo SuckerPunch_zps8405a152.gif

..I told y'all, niggas who rock snapbacks are faggots..

..Nigga made a got damn mural and taped it to the wall..

.."Wha did I do to Ju bae?"..

..Nigga What!?!?!..

..Lemme take a wild guess, cause you snapback wearing, sensitive, Tyrese type of nigga..

..Over there making Vids and shit, that bitch prolly got her legs in the air getting dicked down by Baby Joker right now..

..Man Fuck You..

P.S. Shouts to @XPhenomenal1

Mother Your Daughters

 photo fsgthgjry76671_zps4e15150b.gif

P.S. Shouts to @BasedLaRock


Kendrick Lamar - Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe (Remix) Ft. Jay-Z *DIRTY*


Look at Him, Look!!!

..Look at this Bullshit..

 photo slap.gif

..Grown ass man, over 30 got damn yrs old, making a jackass out of himself over some fucking sneakers..

..You see how Instagram got you niggas acting when it comes to shoes?..

..Shit is Disgusting..


White Nigga Going Off!!!

..Shit got me hyped for the Jay Concert this Summer..

 photo JAYZGERVAIS-1.gif




 photo Image1-38_zps0c4cf20a.png


Random Rambo. 57

What it is y'all????

Haven't done one of these in a minute..let's see what comes out.

If you a male and you don't like that Justin Timberlake album, you ain't got a girl, you hardly get pussy, you never have a positive K/D ratio at any multiplayer game, your sneaks is leaning, and your mother hates you.

Nice to see the Ugg hype is dying, only seen about 6 or 7 pairs this winter compared to last year of 82,901

I muthafucking hate Pugs.

I hate that lil shit face they have, I hate their eyes. I wanna throw a football at one.

I really despise that "niggas be like.." and "bitches be like" internet meme.

Supposedly a New Jay-Z album by the end of the year

Actually, Siberian Huskies are the Jay-Z of Dogs, I don't care what you say.

This is the first year in like forever I'm not hyped for any summer movies coming out, the only shit I wanna see is Evil Dead.

I think female Jeans, Pants, and Slacks should all be burned, females should be demanded by law to wear black spandex and that's it, unless you ain't got no ass, then it should be against the law if you go outside between the times of 6am to 5:59am or face life in jail.

Honestly, any other color spandex is worthless, only black spandex makes me want to thrash the pussy.

Anyone notice Dwight Howard has been playing better basketball ever since he took the headband off?

If you a dude and you fold your clothes at the laundromat instead of just throwing it in the bag and going home, you a hoe ass nigga and your girl lets niggas squeeze her butt at work

Speaking of squeeze butts, you ever squeeze a bitch butt so hard one of your finger slightly get stuck in between her cheeks?

I wanna uppercut a moose.

Is it me or when you pass by a park of ppl playing basketball they hardly make any baskets?

I can't stand drinking something from a cup with a lot of ice in it and no be getting in the way and shit, so you gotta find a way to get the drink without ice going in ur got damn mouth

I'm totally convinced if you are over 20 and you wear a denim vest with rips in it and snapback you're a big gay or a Paul Pierce fan, which is worse

WTF is the point of even wearing a vest with mad rips in it??, u already sleeveless..

I wanna intentionally headbutt someone in a fight.

Do you realize the amounts of G you have to have in your soul, to willfully headbutt a nigga in a fight?

I haven't been in a real physical fight in over 7 years...

I have slapped the living shit outta ppl during my 7 year fight hiatus so hard they don't wanna fight after the slap has impacted their lives...

I hate when chicks heels be all cut and bruised the fuck up from wearing shoes they not supposed to.

Why when Kanye West smiles it look like he about to growl and bite the shit outta you?

You ever have you dick rode so good by a bitch that you start clenching air?

I muthafucking hate bobble head dolls...every time I see one I wanna break the head off and throw it

So Justin Timberlake took a shot at Yeezy on SNL and Jay still rock with that nigga, what happened to all that "Run up on Yeezy the wrong way I Might Murk Ya" talk?

You ever see an ex from afar and you transform into the only Omarion floorglide out of their muthafucking vicinity before they can see you?

Paul Pierce is still the only homosexual I dislike, all the rest are cool.

New Tomb Raider just might be top 3 video game I ever played.

I wanna scoop slap the shit outta someone birthday cake off the table right when they about to blow out the candles

A British bird chest having ass nigga told me that "I should take fashion tips froma Brit" him while he was wearing a Bape X UNDFTD T shirt. Bape which is a Japenese Based Brand and UNDFTD which is an American Based Brand...if you could see the look on my face.

Thank You all for the continued support of my site it is truly appreciated, Be Safe


When You See It..

P.S. Shouts to @YoungSafe



 photo imagesite_zps820d26df.png


Social Media Networks + So Called Sneakerheads = Anarchy

..Why you stupid muthafucka You!..

 photo ghgff_zps069356d0.gif

..You really sat there and made actual Grapes into lacelocks.. you really took the lace stabbed it through the fruit and then commenced to lacing your shoes up..

..You did all this for some internet attention..

..MAN WHAT!?!?!..

 photo hujduki8_zps8c1640f3.gif


..Tell me why, what would actually spark your brain to wanna do this ignoramus ass shit B..

..I'm all for creativity but not when it displays ignorance..

..Like you niggas aint even getting paid by the "Like"..

..He really stuck all the lacetips in grapes on that one, got cold cuts between his Black/Red XI and put a cup of milk next to his Oreo VI's..

 photo hujduki7_zps1620a0fa.gif

..Please just fucking stop..

..Then we got this shit here..

..muthafucking Concord laces playing a piano..

..What in the fuck does Concords gotta do with Piano's?..

..If your argument is black and white then every fucking black and white shoe is cool right?..

..Y'all New Niggas need y'all asses beat and you need social media taken away from you..

P.S. Shouts to @Poolside2High & @ChedSia & @FloydJeff5