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This Cant Be Life



..These niggas up at FILA really out here making foams now..

..Them niggas give zero fucks about anything sneakerwise..

..These the same niggas who made fake pradas..


..That shit is flat out disrespectful..

..Whoever gave the greenlight on this shit need they ass beat into oblivion..

..Fuck This..


Yeah Ok.

..Man Looka Here..


..You gotta be the biggest bitch girl man ass nigga to ever respect some muthafucking empty chairs at a sneaker line..

..If I show up to a got damn line and see this shit, man Look..

..I'd kick them shits harder than Vinatieri in Ot down by 2 my dude..

..Like nigga I don't respect niggas girls who show up 10 minutes before the door opens..

..The fuck make you think I'm bout to respect some got damn Nylon and Aluminum chairs with no one sitting or watching them shits..





Oh Aight.

..Your Swag Speak for itself, huh?..


..You just gon take a pic that circulated bout 4 days ago..

..Take your dark foreheaded ass head pic and put it on Hov body right?..

..So your Swag is basically saying I'm a faggot ass biting ass nigga huh?..

..Like the outfit wasn't even all that and you still went with it..

..Body bluffing ass nigga..

..Nigga forehead look like some pine foams..

..Nigga fuck your life..

P.S. Shouts to @LickMySoles

I Don't Understand.

..Like Why..


..WTF is truly the reasoning behind doing this shit?..

..What do you gain from doing this?..

..What is the significance?..

..Are you looking for props?..

..This shit is fucking stupid..

..I hate you new sneaker niggas..

P.S. Shouts to @BasedLaRock

..Got some new joints from my homies over at Zone 82..

..Check Them Out @..

..Be sure to enter code "IAMDEF" when checking out for 15% off your entire purchase..



This Shit is So Fucking Corny.

..You Niggas is Wack..


..You know this was all that niggas planning..

..Ain't no bitch on earth this fucking corny to come up with some dumb shit like this..

..Nigga said "Perfect Size, Swag and a Half"..

..Man What?!?!..

..My Asian niggas got a major L on this one B..

..Swear niggas do whatever it takes nowadays for views and likes

P.S. Shouts to @LickMySoles

Zero Fucks Given

..Look at this lil nigga here..


..Nigga got no proper upbringing..

..Where in the fuck is this lil nigs parents B?..

..My moms ever caught me doing this shit, she'd double axe handle dropped me in my chest..

..That nigga gave no fucks about anything else happening at that very moment..

P.S. Shouts to @chrisTEX

That Comment.

..The Thirst Continues..




I'm Outs



..This some bullshit..

..As if we don't have enough shit to worry about man..

..We got one of our own niggas out here hustling shit to get us other niggas caught up..

..Ole Steve Harvey Think like a Man book writing ass nigga B..

..Nigga I'm Outs..

P.S. Shouts to @BALTSneakerShow


Sneaker Lames Taking Over Vol. 1

..You need to get alllllll the fucking way outta here..


..You really sat there with yo bitch ass and spontaneously came up with the idea to do this fuck shit..

..You really got in your muthafucking bed, put some shoes on a pillow, laid next to it and tried to re-live a movie scene from TED?..

..Thunder Buddies, Nigga?..

..Nigga is you gay?..

..I swear ever since 2012, it's a plague of Sneaker niggas trying to get the most attention, Likes, retweets, reblogs, and they go about it the most fuckboy ways ever..

..Muthafucking Capes on y'all socks, Niggas making sandwiches outta they shoes, you got dudes playing peek-a-boo under they sheets with sneakers on..


..The fuck is wrong with y'all niggas..

..Look, Look at this shit..

..Get Out!, Get the fuck outta here right now!!..


..This bullshit gotta stop..

..It's like a plague of bruno boys who wear sneakers just came and took over social media with a infestation of dumb shit..

..We never did no shit like this in before 2012..

..You know why? Cause our niggas would laugh at us, we'd get no pussy and we'd get slapped by our parents..

P.S. Shouts to @Sneakhead3, @iann210, @OfficialBlaine & @NicoAtienza


..Fuck wrong with this family Blood?..


..They Really Got..

..They parents really made them..

..They over there really laying on..

..I just wanna say it's shit like this that make white kids snap and merk they family, suit up and go shoot up some public place..

..Parents setting up they got damn kids for failure and embarrassment..

..I'm Outs..

P.S. Shouts to @SoleEsteeLo

Justin Timberlake Feat. Jay-Z - Suit And Tie

..Aww Shit JT is Back, Best To Hide Yo Bitches Blood..



I'm Confused.


P.S. Shouts to @SneakerPimp215

Come On Man...



..So We just gon take Jordan face and put a panther mouth on the nigga?..

..Got this nigga out here looking like Yoshimitsu from Tekken..

..This shit is fucking wack..

..Whoever designed this shit is a cornball..

..Ole Kanye West WTT biting ass nigga..

..Anyone who rocks this, never got pussy and will continue to not get any pussy..


Shadow Dark Bitch With Red Lipstick, BRED XI?




..Fuck going on here?..


..That shit look a lil too feminine for me B..

..Only time two niggas should jump into each other is in a sports type setting..

..These two cakeneck niggas is in a mall galleria..

..These niggas over there dirty dancing in mid-air..

..Straight niggas dont do this..



I can't...

..You can't be serious!!!..


..This nigga a hoe, I don't care what you say..

..Not only did he put a fuckboy ass caption..

..The nigga got a Alien jumping at his shoes..

..That shit was dope..



..No it wasn't you remedial muthafucka!!..

..We Really out here having wind blow through ur legs so the cape on your socks can flutter behind you?..

..Why cant we just stand up take a pic of the shoe and keep it moving?..

..All this extra dumb shit for no reason..

..Nigga got capes on his socks..

..Nigga them shits is for kids, not dudes with hair on they legs..

..Let the children of the future cook, you over there copping they socks..

P.S. Shouts to @AlreadyGotEm