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Wait, What?

..Bitch, What?..

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..I Understand the circumstances, but bitch why?..

..Why in the fuck would you allow the greenlight for this shit to happen..

..I'd a smacked the unholy hell out my son if he asked me to do this shit and I was his mother..

..I'd a smacked the unholy hell out my wife if I caught her doing this shit, then kicked her fucking teeth after she explained her reason as to why she was doing it.. man go cop that little nigga one of the pussy molding things with the legs and torso cut off from the sex toy shop and let him do his thing, nig would feel right at home smashing another limbless thing..

..You over there beating off a lil armless nigga.. fuck your family..



Anonymous said...

Might be a troll job. Similar story was posted on Reddit a while back, told from the perspective of the son who had broken both arms (not an amputee).

Anonymous said...

It's a troll post

juanorfrankie said...

im sure its a troll post but in this sick world we live in im sure theirs plenty of mothers sucking off of, jerking off, or even fucking theirs sons.