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Shit Just Got Real.

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David Koo said...

where'd you hear/read about this? i'm tryna google it but nothing is coming up

Anonymous said...

man def... im mad you still not up on japanese tokusatsu

basically usa bought power rangers from japan they been making it since the 70s over there and the shit go hard. Power rangers is So Censored its not funny.

Episode One of Bioman got civilians getting shot up in they chest by the "putties"

Black ranger on Jetman smokes cigarettes, drinks liquor and plays the saxophone.

i can go on and on.. def bro go to and watch that realshyt!! english subbed and everything.

Anonymous said...

fuck this shit when we getting a proper dragonball z movie

Deftronic said...

Are u talking about Dynamen?

Anonymous said...

nah not Dynaman that Bioman EP01 they shot this doctor lady in both her tiddies lol.

the episode is up on it got all them shows on there.

Best ones to me is
LIVEMAN (Betrayal to the fullest)
Gekiranger (KUNG FU SON!)

Anonymous said...

Ikari Gai JetmanBlack didn't wanna be no ranger he got into a scrap with the red leader trying to recruit.

he was like "With all this racism and violence int he world Maybe you should let them destroy it"

they forever saying and doing real shyt. one of the cats lifted the female ranger skirt tryna see that skateboard booty lol.

Anonymous said...

my bad its short for kamen rider download it got all the sentai and kamen riders on there

them kamen riders put Ironman and all them usa heroes to shame son..swear on everything.

Deftronic said...

i signed up but where do i go to download episodes?

Famo said...

put your mouse over Downloads then over SuperSentai then down to Gokaiger! that joint go sick!

that first episode of bioman got people getting popped up lol

Jetman episode 01 dude lose his girlfriend he str8 traumatized

Dairanger and Gekiranger are both kung fu based you'll love them many great choices man 4real.

Famo said...

click tvnihon they got the videogame lookin subtitles that match every show they do..

click download and you good to go whichever video player you use

Anonymous said...

All ya niggas some nerds

Anonymous said...

click downloads once and it list a whole gang of shows

click the show you want under Sentai that go down to Gokaiger and click TVNIHON that show go ham! it got MP4 video you can play on your pc or ps3 if you like.

i highly recommend that one they use ALL the ranger powers

Deftronic said...

Niggas just had tv's as kids growing with access to watch it...our parents worked hard to provide us with luxuries to watch power rangers as kids....don't hate on us cuz ur parents was some bum ass lazy niggas who couldn't provide for you Slime

Deftronic said...

Thanks a lot fam

Anonymous said...

DEF TELL ME THAT GOKAIGER SHYT AINT HYPE!! i wanna see ya reaction cuz them joints good.

lol im geeked cause i remember how amped i was after i seen it the first time

i was like Power rangers a lie!! hell nah! lmao

and when the nigga chainsmoked on Jetman i was done..they show they japanese children real life shyt

Anonymous said...

Get em Def