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Oh Word?

..Nigga What?!?!..

 photo rayjwtfgif.gif

..Y'all niggas so pressed to get waves, y'all got the fucking barber cutting lil lines around yall got damn heads my dude??..

..This is what your life's focus has come to?..

..Should biff slap the shit out ur head for this..



Anonymous said...

The reach is at an all time high

Famo said...

Def they wanna be us Real seriously they do.

Anonymous said...

Lol cats been doing this from back in the days nothing new its called the bee hive haircut lol

Anonymous said...

That shit is hot to me

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And #4 now you gon get that bullshit in your head right! You are a clown for that! There is nothin "hot" about that.

RelFuego said...

get a durag some coconut/carrot oil, and a brush, dont do this cornball ass shit