Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Wait, What?

..You Getting A What, Lil Nigga?!??!?!?..

 photo hujduki7_zps1620a0fa.gif

..Swear ppl don't know how to act with a sneaker in hand and instagram at their disposal..

..A Got Damn "Foamcall"..

..You really sat there and thought of that dumb ass shit by yourself..

..You really put the got damn shoe to the side of ur head, looked off into the distance, held your phone out and snapped a pic of yourself right?..

..Nigga Fuck You..

P.S. Shouts to @Toya_FBaby

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Anonymous said...

thats why i like your site bro no homo. fuck fb, instatwitter and shit all i want to see is the shoe, dope OG royals.