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The Most Ghetto, Trillest, Sneaker Reviewer Ever.

..Fuck all that extra dumb shit y'all be doing for the camera..

..All that smiling and dressing up shit..

..All that discussion, talk about how I feel bullshit..

..Fuck all that look at my face longer than I show you the shoe ass shit..

..This that real shit right chea..

..This that On the Block, same shit on for 2 1/2 days work right chea ya dig..

..Real Dope Boi's Stand Up..

P.S. Shouts to MRoss16


Agraham617 said...

My nigga said he thinks the penny's hAve "that night vision bullshit"??!!! Nigga, I jumped up an down like YES

Anonymous said...

What is buddy's YouTube account

Deftronic said...


xNastyNatex said...

lmaoo trapboi! this nigga realist in the sneaker game blee dat

Anonymous said...

You know that shit real when you see the huggies in the background.

drprince89 said...

damn, homeboy got me rollin, motherfucka doing seanker reviews with the huggies in the background, he bout that trap life. LOL at "these the ho gettas"

Anonymous said...

Shit was painfull to watch SMH!