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New Pickup (Kobe 8 System "Easter")

 photo Image6-13_zps0b0002ec.png
Kobe 8 System "Easter"
Drop Date : 03/29/13
Style # : 555035 302
Msrp : $140
 photo KobeLOL_zpsf864a33f.gif



Anonymous said...

nice pick up Def those are too cold hopefully cop me a pair soon!

xNastyNatex said...


Anonymous said...

fiyah, where you cop fam?

Anonymous said...

Dear deftronic,

Please bring back your video reviews. The fans miss them. 'New shoesssssssss'



jimbito said...

kobe 8s are great for ball, but they look like swimming shoes with a giant swoosh, no creativity

Famo said...

Yea man the color scheme is confusing on these. What you like about em tho Def?

Deftronic said...

how is the color scheme is confusing?

Kobe's team colors are purple and gold...u have purple and gold on the shoe mixed in with a light green for Easter

go google "easter colors" and you will see similar colors

what do i like about them? they are different, i like the color scheme, shit look dope on me cause i can pull it off.