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Look At This Bitch.

..You can't be serious, Chico..

 photo fsgthgjry76673_zps70aeb36b.gif

..If you dont get the fuck outta here with this fuckboy shit..

..Ole "I didn't get the job" faced ass nigga..

..Nigga sisters and brothers all laughing and playing and you in the back crying over some bitch..

..Should punch you dead in your muthafucking chest and knock the wind out ur cheesecake chinned ass b..

 photo SuckerPunch_zps8405a152.gif

..I told y'all, niggas who rock snapbacks are faggots..

..Nigga made a got damn mural and taped it to the wall..

.."Wha did I do to Ju bae?"..

..Nigga What!?!?!..

..Lemme take a wild guess, cause you snapback wearing, sensitive, Tyrese type of nigga..

..Over there making Vids and shit, that bitch prolly got her legs in the air getting dicked down by Baby Joker right now..

..Man Fuck You..

P.S. Shouts to @XPhenomenal1


Anonymous said...

"that bitch prolly got her legs in the air getting dicked down by Baby Joker right now" hahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh shit..that made my day.

Lance Cooper said...


Lance Cooper said...

Lmao !!

Lance Cooper said...

Anonymous said...

He really had Cudi playing in the background too lmao

Anonymous said...

There is no comming back from this.

Anonymous said...

I fell out of my chair laughing when he grabbed that fucking teddy bear.

Anonymous said...

as much as it hurts to say it ur right the latinos stay losing... smh

Anonymous said...

emotional Latinos are the funniest lol my afro brothers stay winning lol lol

BoholstWife said...

For 2 minutes you hear I fucking love you....Maybe she grew up and realize she needed a man and not a lil boy who has i fucking love you babe on a piece of paper on a wall. Dude seems weak. Its not wrong for a guy to cry, but damn,recording this and having it on the internet is the saddest thing i have ever seen.Grow some balls!