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Aight Man, You Got It!!!

..You Win..

 photo tumblr_lax4n6L1Qk1qdubemo1_500.gif

..You take the fucking cake..

..It gets no more fucking extreme than this for a sneaker pic..

..This man is winning on all levels of sneaker pics..

 photo gfdgfsg_zpsf02c26c6.gif


..Fuck this shit B..

..My Nigga really climbed a got damn tree with a snake in his muthafucking hand..

..Found a nice spot with moss on the branch mind you..

..Took the snake positioned the mahfucka around his leg and took a shitload of pics until he got the perfect pic..

..There it is boys..

..All you sandwich shoe pic, shoe in the oven, lightning hitting your lightning IV ass nigga just lost to this fucking asshole..

..King of the Asshole's with Kicks & Instagram Owns Y'all..Clap for em..

P.S. Shouts to @5DodgeBoy7


Anonymous said...

It's not that bad. A lot can be analyzed from this pic. Like the love for his snake and his sneakers. I'm scared of snakes, so props for his bravery & passion.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a dope shot. Very creative and his snake is bad ass! Hey Deftronic, where can i see your pics? That's right you don't post any. #lame

Deftronic said...

I just posted a pic yesterday & 2 days prior to that? You stupid or something?

The got damn banner at the top is a pic I took..

TF u smoking? Furniture dust?

Deftronic said...

Matter of fact who in the fuck even says "Bad Ass"... TF is this 1983? Get ur old ass off my site and if ur young u prolly captured by a cult in the Catskills talking that dumb shit

Anonymous said...

lmao catskills

MG1 said...

Aye what if homeboy caught that got damn snake in the wild and wrapped that s**t around his leg ?! LMAO! He would be the G of IG. This is hilarious. I'm speechless on some of these pics man. Literally shaking my damn head

Anonymous said...

What if our bro over here was just randomly climbing a tree while playing with his phone when suddenly this snake attacked him?! Then he was so shocked that he drippydrropped his phone and excidentaly took a pic of this horrible incident. Snakes man.... Can't trust em.