Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


This Bitch Mouf



..I Seriously Wanna know Why in the fuck is this bitch smiling..

..If your grill look like it was punched in by the Fist of the North Star..

..Smiling is over for you fam..

..Shit's a wrap, how the fuck you got teeth growing out ur upper lip?..

..Mouth out here looking like Justin Tuck's from the Giants Facemask..

..Bitch look like Bane..



Anonymous said...

nigga u cold

Anonymous said...

You just know the nigga that got her pregnant is furious with himself lmao

Anonymous said...

lmfao def you said her teeth look liked she got the Fist of the North Star, had me rolling

Anonymous said...

Bitch looks like the alien off of Enemy Mine

Anonymous said...

niggas is sayin her teeth got exponents yooo