Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


I Can't.

..TF Nasty Fuck Shit is This?!..


..Swear these net hoes have so much got damn confidence in the world..

..These bitches ain't born like this..

..It's you thirsty ass niggas gassing these got damn bitches up..

..Then the other niggas with half a sense gotta deal with the doom these pics show..

..This bitch cant sit there and tell me she think this shit is fly..

..Some Fuck nigga boosted her ego and brainwashed the bitch into thinking she built like Tahiry, when she built like The dog from dilbert..

..Fuck Y'all niggas, Fuck That Bitch, Fuck That Cell Phone Cam, and fuck the server for allowing this shit onto the net..


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