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FYI : About Corks.

..You see this shit?..


..They Crease..

..They Flake Off..

..You can't get them really wet..

..You can't get excess dirt on them because it would be too hard clean with any liquid substance..

..There is no padded inner-lining..

..They come in a regular brown NSW Box..

..Totally not worth the $250..

..They still nice to me though "look wise"..



Anonymous said...

Not a $305 price tag. $250 is the price. Still a lot of money for a shoe with zero durability.

Anonymous said...

Nike says there only $250+ tax

Deftronic said...

yeah just found out a few hours ago

Anonymous said...

Love the site son! You on Instagram?

Anonymous said...

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jawn said...

after those details, no one should pay more than 140 for these shits