Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Father Your Sons

..Ay man who kid is this?!?!?!?..


..This nigga done took Brunocity to an all new outta this world level..

..Y'all parents fucking up, giving yall kids money to do whatever fuck shit they wanna do with it..

..My son ever come home with some shit like this after I pass him some guap..

..I'd beat his ass & make him take em back for my money, then paper cut with all the bills when he get home..

..Nigga really copped those Valentine Day V's???..

..This whole crime scene is fucked up..

..This Dude got on a Pink Shirt..

..His walls is painted Pink..

..And this man really got Curling Irons plugged in the back B..

..Man somebody come find this lil niggas manhood..

P.S. Shouts to @DroppinBuckets & @WeAreTheTrend

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