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WTF is a McRib?

..Seriously, WTF is this shit?..


..WTF is a Boneless Rib Sandwich..


..Nigga that's a Oxymoron..

..Anybody who eats a Mcrib is Desperate nigga..

..If you eat a McRib, you willingly eat a bitch ass out before she lets you fuck..

..Nigga's who eat McRib's wear Dickies Pants to sleep..

..Nigga your kicks automatically fake as soon as U bite a McRib, I dont care what you say..

..Nobody in they right mind with at least $7.50 to spend actually stands at the counter of a Mcdonalds establishment and tells the cashier I want a McRib..


..If you eat a McRib, you wear Timbs to church..

..Niggas who eat McRib's be the type to wait hours on a sneaker line hoping they card don't get declined when they get to the counter..

..I guarantee a dude who eats McRib's ain't never fucked a tight pussy in they life..

..Nigga's who eat McRib's teeth look like they mouth filled with playing Dice..

..Ole yuckmouth, Calvin Candy from Django Unchained teeth having ass nigga..

..Mouf look like it's filled with Grilled Onion and Brown Rice ass nigga..

..My fiancee ever bring home a McRib for me, I'm busting that bag of food over her head and kicking her out the got damn house for a few weeks..



Anonymous said...

easy pimpin lol u should have saved this for random rambo lol

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Dickies? Workin man's pants right there.