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Sneaker Lames Taking Over Vol. 1

..You need to get alllllll the fucking way outta here..


..You really sat there with yo bitch ass and spontaneously came up with the idea to do this fuck shit..

..You really got in your muthafucking bed, put some shoes on a pillow, laid next to it and tried to re-live a movie scene from TED?..

..Thunder Buddies, Nigga?..

..Nigga is you gay?..

..I swear ever since 2012, it's a plague of Sneaker niggas trying to get the most attention, Likes, retweets, reblogs, and they go about it the most fuckboy ways ever..

..Muthafucking Capes on y'all socks, Niggas making sandwiches outta they shoes, you got dudes playing peek-a-boo under they sheets with sneakers on..


..The fuck is wrong with y'all niggas..

..Look, Look at this shit..

..Get Out!, Get the fuck outta here right now!!..


..This bullshit gotta stop..

..It's like a plague of bruno boys who wear sneakers just came and took over social media with a infestation of dumb shit..

..We never did no shit like this in before 2012..

..You know why? Cause our niggas would laugh at us, we'd get no pussy and we'd get slapped by our parents..

P.S. Shouts to @Sneakhead3, @iann210, @OfficialBlaine & @NicoAtienza


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This is worse than the flu ependemic.