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Def @ 5 Pointz


..Went To 5 Pointz the Graffiti Warehouse and took some dope pics with my HD Cam..

..This place has been around for years where graffers from all around the world come and throw up pieces seasonally..

..I currently read that this place was going to be torn down in Fall of 2013, so I decided to give it a visit..

..It's located on 45-46 Davis Street, Long Island City, NY 11101..


..(Put mouse over to PAUSE or FORWARD/BACK through pics..

..For Those who cant view the flash slideshow, please click the link below..


New Pickup : Air Jordan Retro IV "2012 Black Cement"

Air Jordan Retro IV "2012 Black Cement"
Style Number : 308497 089
Drop Date : 11/23/12
Price : $160


P.S. Shouts to @TheGoodfella_ for picking these up for me and charging me Box Price



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Oh. **NSFW**


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Got That Nigga!!!!!



..Fuck Paul Piece And Anybody That Love Em..

..Jameer Nelson made that nigga do the Omarion!!!..

.."The only Homosexual I don't like is Paul Pierce"..

P.S. Shouts to @tonyhustlehb

Oh Aight

..Look At Him..


..Just look at this coon ass nigga..


..Ohhhhh, Bred IV in the Bread Aisle..


..You thought of this all by yourself, huh?..

..You thought you was gonna get like a million views and likes with this one, huh?..


..Corny ass bitch nigga..

..Taking some got damn kicks in a supermarket, putting them next to some food and telling your boy to take a pic of you..

..Lucky, I wasn't in that store B, I'd a whooped your custard faced ass with some bread..

..I'd took two loaves and soul clapped ur faced, I'm talking clashing them shits like they was cymbals..

..Then I would took ur kicks and threw them shits 5 aisles over into the frozen food section, ya bish..


..Y'all some dumb strong faced faggots..

..Kill Yourself, Blood..

P.S. Shouts to @WauGasol

More Twilight




Oh Aight.

..Come On Fam..


..Nigga out here getting his hair ready for them BRED XI dropping next month..

..Like do bitches think this shit is fly?..

P.S. Shouts to @Popsson & @OGFlash

Jenyne Butterfly

..This Bitch is Amazing..


P.S. Shouts to @JenyneButterfly

Pink Shits.



..Bitch got them Dyke Hands B..

..Look at her knuckles..

..Look like she was practicing with Master Killer inserting her hands in hot sand..

..Bitch look like she was punching live cattle in the woods..
 ..This Shit Nutty..

P.S. Shouts to @dreadsANDretros & @Dont_Jumpman

@Deftronic: Classic Twitter Morning / Pink Foams Clownage

..1 Full Hour of Pure Comedy..


P.S. Shouts to @LouieV81

I Can't.


..Like nigga, Count the Struggle..

..Got Stains all over her spandex..

..Mahfucking Press on Nails is all grown the fuck out, you can see her real nail under the shit..

..That fucking bed, B..

..Shit look like a cot from a Jail in Guatemale..
..Fake Uggs..

..I didn't even know hostages were allowed to have working cell phones..

..There's Random shit all on the floor..

..3D Glasses, a paint brush, blood stains..a dead body..

..Got damn carpet is coming up off the floor in the right hand upper corner..

..This the shit I be talking bout man..

..Y'all thirsty niggas be giving these chicks too much fucking confidence, they out here tweeting pics with the safety off..

..I'm outs..



..Big Shouts to @SneakerPimp215 & #Sneakernation..

..Sent me over this fresh promo T shirt..

..Go check them out @..




..What in the wardrobe fuck is this?!..


..Nigga out here looking like a Flamboyant member of the Children of The Corn..

..Who designed this shit?..

..I dont even think Jeremy Scott would do this shit..

..That nigga wearing that shit look like he asking himself "why am I wearing this shit?..

..Look like some shit from the Wicker Man..
..Looking like a Gay Knight..
..Somebody please come get this nigga man..









Random Rambo.56

Ayo, them niggas found Kony yet?
You ever wonder why ppl in wheelchairs, kicks never stay VVVVVVVVNDS?

If you brag about locking down them pink foams, your bootyhole has been Zangiefed in the past

My homegirl asked her man that wanted those pink foams,  if he was a faggot, Cuz she don't even wear pink

You ain't bout shit if you never been to jail

You ain't really live life until you randomly ask a bitch you been talking to for only 3 minutes, ”When we gon fuck?"

This old lady gonna tell me move I'm moving slow in the supermarket when there was clearly ppl in front of me blocking my way, I was 4 seconds from Omarion BET awards dance floating on that bitch B

If you own one of them bulls hats with the smoke blowing out the nose that says windy city, u a bitch ass nigga with no heart and ur cell phone is a slider

If your girl knows the words by heart to a papoose verse, she a hoe

If you never seen The Warriors, You aint a real nigga

The worst piece of shit clothing is a hoodie with no sleeves, that's like the number one deuschebag gear for street gang punks in movies who always get their shit rocked.

Females, if you got a gold tooth in your mouth please know you automatically default into the "you could get punched like a nigga" stage

If you ain't never blow air in your juice box so the juice could squirt up into your mouth (pause), you ain't a real nigga and your parents aint your real parents

You ain't really fuck a bitch good until she screaming then go silent for 4.2 seconds then start screaming again B

If your chick call you "Bae", she's poor.

If your girl get dogs in COD before you do, she a hoe

I'd rather have Stevie J coach the Lakers than D'Antoni

Is it me or don't the Weekend look like Fozzie Bear from the muppets

If I come over ur crib. Use ur bathroom and u ain't got Scott toilet paper, I'm wiping my ass with one of ur hanging hand towels and I'm a hang it back up nice and neat

If your girl enforces you to text her and ask if you can call her before you call..she a hoe and she getting liquor poured on her back while some nigga is beating it up

Nothing on this earth will give u an acceptable excuse or reason to wear pink foams


They ain't got no Kay Yow symbol, they ain't drop in October, nothing B

Never trust a bitch wearing patent leather boots

If your girl beat that remote control plane mission in GTA San Andreas on her first try she a hoe and she got bigger hands than you

I ever get beat up by anyone wearing pink foams... man, woman or alien. just cancel my subscription to mens health and life itself, my dude.

Like how u gonna explain that to your girl or the cops if you had to? "I don't know his name he was 5'6 and had on pink foams" ...MAN WHAT?!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, you gluttonous mahfuckas

I appreciate your consistent support of me and my site, all the retweets, word of mouth, views, hits, follows, everything...I'm almost at 5,000,000 hits and I can't believe it. Thank You


Like Father, Like Daughter


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Im Crying.


This Ain't Just Happen.



..I know I didn't just read this..

..I know this fuckboy ain't pre-selling planned to wear once shoes..


..I know for a got damn fact this ain't real life..

..This nigga need to be dealt with something serious..


..I'm talking bout shot like Hitler in Inglourious Basterds Shot..

..My Latinos stay making the sneaker game look like shit, B..

..Fuck this Sneaker game..I hate it..

P.S. Shouts to @INeedKicks