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Hold Up.

..Y'all see this shit?..


..Did this nigga grab a gun from under the pillow? WTF?..

..How the fuck you bent over, get shot, stand up and have enough power to do a 180?..

..Dead @ this nigga screaming the entire time in 1 continuous octave..

P.S. Shouts to @JumboTronMan


Loaded Lux Vs Calicoe Verse Breakdown Part 2

..Pay Attention..


Im Outs.



P.S. Shouts to abgoT

Oh Aight...

..Man WTF Is This?..


..I see Jeremy Scott got his own foams out..

..Niggas bedazzled some fucking foams with fruity caricatures on the shit..
..And then this nigga got on ripped denim jeans and white tube socks..

..I Can't..

P.S. Shouts to @SoleUniv

5enses X True Prospeks - Famine (Prod. By Leon Knight & Tehron Porter)

..My Young Artists 5enses X True Prospeks..

..Peep my Family Giving That Work..

..The Last Video - "Game$"..

..The Mixtape entitled "5Tape" drops on 10.31.12..

..5enses ( @its5enses )..



..What in all walks of life is going on?..


..How y'all got lil Billy in the bottom of a got damn cart like he a 12 pack of Coke?..
..Sparks flying off his fucking head when y'all push the cart..
..This nigga had to have done some wild bad shit in the supermarket..
..This that new quickstrike limited edition planking or some shit..

P.S. Shouts to @FuckRetweets

Feets Is Fucked.

..See this the shit I'm talking bout with you bitches and UGG's..

..First off if you wear UGG's you automatically have dirty pussy, that's a given..

..But son, when your fucking boots start Dukes Of Hazzard 2 Wheel leaning, it's time for a new pair..

..Broke ass dirty puss bitches out here rocking boots and shit that's doing a B-Boy Windmill..
..Over there looking like you got Wet Paper Bags on your feet..

..Cut This Shit Out Immediately..

P.S. Shouts to @Fresco_Bryan

2K13 Demo Is Out...

..Already 10-0 with 3 mins left?..

..Yeah, y'all niggas bout to get this work in 2K this year..


Wait For It...

..What's wrong with this picture?..


..When you see it, you'll laugh..

P.S. Shouts to @ItsLeonKnight

Bang Bang


**Please Scroll down fast to pass by images quickly..







Nigga What!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

..Hold the Fuck Up Cuz..


..I need a minute..

..You mean to tell me you caught your bitch in mid-fuck cheating and didn't fade someone?..

..You mean to tell me you closed the door back, slid down it crying, landed in the indian seating position and hopped on twitter?..



..How in the...


..Wait, Ok..

..Like if you can't fade the dude at least fade that bitch, get someone, shit kick the bed or something my nigga..

..I catch my bitch cheating my dude, I'm running punting whoever the fuck is on top so hard that son of mah bitch gonna fly through the wall and leave a outline on some Bugs Bunny Looney Tune shit..

..My nigga, you are bitch of the year..

..Take a Bow, for your bitch has already bowed on another dick..

..Fuck Your Life..


Bruce Lee's Deadliest Fights



I Need Those!!!

..Nike Air Foamposite One "Stealth"..
..Drops 12/26/12*..
..Msrp $220..


..Nigga I Need Those, Fuck The Dumb Shit..

..I dont give two fucks I'm getting two pairs of those..

..If I gotta cut lines, I will, just like this..


*MN lists it at a 12/15/12 date..the 12/26/12 date I got from Nicekicks

Wait, What?

..WTF is this?..


..Y'all niggas really out here rocking kick pics as earrings?..

..Nigga thats not even a real fucking shoe, ain't no such thing as Foamposite Pro Galaxy's nigga..

..Swear ppl will try to capitalize on anything to make a dollar..

..First time I see a fucka wearing some shit like this I'm slap the dogshit out their ear, leave em looking like Matt Schaub..

P.S. Shouts to @TruJordanFan

Loaded Lux Vs Calicoe Verse Breakdown

..Pay Attention..


This Cant Be Life

..Naw Son..
..Y'all really sleeping on various pieces of cardboard for some fucking sneakers, B?..
..That block look likes it smells like Hot Ass, Stale Doritos, and Wet Basement..
..Niggas really got snot rags and shit all over the block...
..I'd never sleep on no got damn concrete for some sneaks my nigga..
..That shit is uncivilized.

The Resemblance is Uncanny



New Niggas

..Come The Fuck On..
..You just gon take it one step farther right?..
..Not only are you wearing some extremely fuckboy faggot socks..
..You just gon wear two totally different Jordans on top of it right?..
..Y'all niggas need parenting, attention seeking ass mahfuckas..
P.S. Shouts to @SoleRealTM

Son Face!

..Look at sons face behind Amber B..

..Nigga look like he about to lick the shit out her colon..
..I'm mad this nigga is paparazzi too..
..The Thirst Is Real..


Def's XMAS & Birthday Want List

The following things are what I want for X-Mas & my Birthday, people always say "you're so hard to buy things for", "you got everything". No muthafucka, you're just too got damn lazy to use your mind and buy me some fly shit that might raise a nigga's eyebrow when he rip off the wrapping paper, you piece of shit fuck.

Always, wanna cop a nigga some fucking gift card, which is quite possibly the laziest fucking gift ever, you gonna get a gift card, then make me physically go out and get my own fucking gift...No, fuck you, fuck that gift card, and fuck that.

Unless it's a giftcard to'll take those.

This right chea be the shit I be wanting, in no specific order, there's expensive shit and cheap shit, make it fucking happen, or I'll fuck you till love me.
  • Tri-Sectional Staff = a real one, not no padded practice shit.
  • A Baby White Tiger = pre-trained and will fuck up anything moving within a 500 mile radius except me, my moms, or my fiancee when I say "Doo Doo Brown" outloud.
  • A Modded XBOX 360 + a spindle of 100 DVD-R's
  • A WD TV Live Media Player
  • A Scheduled fight between myself and Paul Pierce
  • BRED XI's sz 11 DS
  • Black Cement IV's sz 10.5 DS
  • Full wearable pair of White/Teal/Black Nike Air Unlimiteds sz 11 DS
  • Paris SB's DS sz 10.5 or 11
  • Entire DVD Set of Looney Tunes Cartoon Collection
  • Entire DVD Set of Tom And Jerry Cartoon Collection
  • A dope Yo-Yo, I'm nice as fuck with a yo yo, if you wanna swag me out, cop me a Phonton Spirit S
  • A pair of Mishka Trigger Finger BDU's
  • Kevin Hart Tickets
  • A Storm Trooper Helmet
  • Super Bored Varsity Jacket
  • A Real Life Freddy Krueger Glove
  • The New Ipod Touch
  • A 4 piece live Band that will follow me and play Conan The Barbarian's theme song when I leave my house


NBA2K13 - Ronnie2K vs LD2K (Full Game)



What The Shit?

..Son who the fuck in their right mind would wear this bullshit..


..At first look why this shit look like a parade float?..

..Shit got drapes hanging around the mahfucka, cant see where you walking and shit..

..Shit look like a ghetto super hero helmet..

..You could cold fade a nigga and he won't even know who did it cause he can't see worth a shit..

P.S. Shouts to @JamesBringas



Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Premium "SBTG"


No Way.

..You Bitches Gotta Stop..


..How in the muthafuck did this big brute of a bitch get up on that sink?..

..Ceramic bout to fucking crack in a minute..

..This bitch kneecap look like a Cleveland Browns Helmet..

..Then you got Grandmoms taken the pic for you..

..Wait, who in the fuck is this picture even for, B?!..

..Is that a tattoo on her forearm saying "Pan?"..

..I really fucking can't anymore..

P.S. Shouts to @HarlemNyte

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Starts Tonight On HBO



Nigga What????

..Naw Nigga Naw..


..He didn't just caption his picture with this bullshit..

..This nigga really put a got damn pair of Timbs in the picture..

..Timbs my nigga..

..I will punch each and every significant person in this mahfuckas life my Dude..

..Nigga, is that a pair of True Flights?!..

..Oh Hell naw..

..Get This Nigga The Fuck outta here..

P.S. Shouts to @BasedLaRock

iPhone 5 Camp.

..You niggas really out there already for them Iphones?..


..Should roll up and shoot each and everyone of you stupid mahfuckas..

P.S. Shouts to @LickMySoles

Oh Aight.

..Where on earth are these type of nigga's birthed at B?..


..So we really out here photoshopping snapbacks on our muthafucka heads right?..

..Somebody please get this nigga before I kick the entire Mission Impossible movie quadrilogy out of him..


..You call that swag my nigga?!..

..Got the nerve to have on a size XS superman jersey..

..Should D'arce choke you until a vein in my bicep explodes, you geek face ass nigga..


Username is not available

..Fuck Morals..



This Cant Be Life.

..Naw Bitch..


..You ain't really out here taking glamor shots with a got damn house arrest ankle bracelet on..

..Shit look like a damn dreamcast strapped to your foot..

..And I'm pretty sure one of you thirsty ass niggas trying to holla right now..

..Man get me the fuck outta here..