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Random Rambo. 53

Once again it's on!

First Off, RIP Chris Lighty

RIP Paul Pierce

So, I go to Dunking Donuts to get my Caramel Mocha Ice Coffee wave waving, I hand the bitch at the register a $20 she gon look at me like I handed her a gold bar or some rupies, gon hold it in the air and ask if I have anything smaller? Bitch, I got a small left jab that'll send your ass flying into them shelves of donuts behind you, how bout that?

That Mahfucking Dunkin Donuts is 24 hours too, how the fuck you gon have trouble breaking a $20, did you not stay open making money for the past 15 years continously?!??!

Ayo, if you a female and you got on the tightest pants in slutty pants history and your ass still look flat in them shits, bitch stay home. Don't even leave your room, lay on your got damn bed with your stomach facing the ceiling, so no one has to see that skateboard booty of yours

I hate black woman toes.

It's like they get corns or friction burns on their shit and it heals, the shit look like it was COD flamethrowed and shit, pinky toe looking like a dark chocolate raisinet and shit

If you lined up for them Crimson Foams, you a bitch and you take after your mother

Sleeping Dogs is the shit

I wanna knock out a Kangaroo, I heard they be throwing punches and shit

If your girl wears a thong and the piece between her cheeks don't disappear for at least 2 inches, dump that bitch

Stop gassing these instagram hoes up...they have low self esteem, ain't no bitch with high self esteem gotta post 5 and 6 pictures of themselves waiting for you thirsty niggas to comment on

Im pretty sure they don't have a man either, I know for a got damn fact my bitch ain't gon be posting 5 and 6 titty and ass pics of herself on no got damn social network, I'll fly her head something serious

I wanna break a plate over a Ostrich's head

If I used one of your pics or something from you without shouting you out, please just comment under the post, I be forgetting shit

If your girl has never offered to buy you some kicks, dump that bitch

You ever have a girl sit on your dick and pop that pussy up and down so nice on it, you be scared to touch her ass or slap it.

You ever try to slap a chick ass while you beating from the back and you miss the slap?

If your girl don't ever carry a purse, dump that bitch

WTF is up with niggas on twitter trying to throw themselves in on hookups u trying to lock down with someone else?

So I catch this bitch at work trying to talk wild, she gonna ask me if I'm in a relationship? I said yes I am, she's gon talk out the side of her mouth and say, "But you're not in a relationship here at work...and smile" ...I was about to tell her, Your man at home don't beat you right? but I can beat your ass here at work"

I'm still icey in the trap.

If your girl can't score at least 10 points in a co-play game of NBA 2K with you, dump that bitch

Nigga's hyped off them Ewings like you didn't get mushed in the face for coming to school in them shits, them shits is equivalent to Protege's and Starbury's, nigga and if you had the lil basketball hanging on your shits, you got clowned on hard

I wanna go to a gun range.

You know you fucking a bitch good when she in her everyday normal life doesn't curse, but while you smashing she curse more than a Quentin Taratino movie

Everybody and they mama doing sneaker vids now and they suck. if you wasn't doing this shit say 2010 back...just stop

These chicks doing sneaker vids, man if you getting more props for how you look than for the kicks you doing vids on, just hoe yourself out.

If your bitch does better sneaker vids than you, dump that bitch.

Nigga if you smile during your sneaker vids, you a faggot.

The next nigga I see rocking Jeremy Scott animal shoes, I'm a step in some fresh dog shit and roundhouse kick the shit out the back of their head

I wish I could have Bullet Time in real life.

When I was in grade school, I'd use to erase shit off the blackboard when the teacher wasn't looking

You ain't experience life until you had a bad bitch sleep in your bed butt ass naked with no covers on for the entire night after sex.

I wanna tackle a monkey as it's jumping mid air to another tree.

If your girl's skin is ever ashy at any time in your relationship, dump that bitch

There is no reason ever in the existence of life, that a female should be ashy, I don't give a fuck if that hoe been locked away in a shit cellar for 33 years.

If you a dude over 18 and still rocking a Jansport backpack you need your ass beat by Tong Po from the movie Kickboxer and then dumped by your bitch of a girlfriend

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your continued support of me, my mind and my site, I know I have been slacking lately, I know on twitter I keep you guys laughing and updated, I said I was gonna post on Friday earlier in the week and the amount of anticipation I've received in my mentions is overwhelming, I no longer blog for me, I blog for you entertainment is my enjoyment.

MS I know you love these Random Rambo's, I want you to know I love you with every increment of me, I live for you, I work for you, I breathe for you, I thank you from the depths of my soul for giving ME back to me, for allowing me to trust a female, for taking that chip off my shoulder, and for loving me at levels that nearly replicates that of my very own Mother. Let's conquer the world.

I Am Def, Salute to those who rock with me, Salute to those who don't, I do not give a fuck what you think of me, but to know you are at least thinking of me, means I'm doing some pretty dope shit



Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Premium "Freddy Krueger"


Quantum Musik - Game$

..My Young Homie, QM, Doing Major Work..

..My Goodness, This Shit Goes Incredibly Hard..


Fuck is This?

..This the shit I be talking about..


..These niggas done made a got damn Galaxy XI...

..Then this nigga gonna take a pic of the shoe and ask if its real..

..Man What!?!?..

..Nigga the Jumpman is missing..

..How the muthafucka you don't even know how to spell Fake?..

..Nigga "C" aint even close to "K" on no got damn Qwerty, don't even front and say typo, you dumb nigga..

..I hate you..

P.S. Shouts to @Dino410

NYC Nigerians

..Y'all Nigerians is really out the fuck here wilding for respect, huh?..


..Y'all really matching y'all Dashiki's with Foams and shit now, huh?..

..Y'all niggas gives not one fuck about tradition, huh?..

..Why these niggas look like some sort of gang, B?..

..Can't wait to move out this bitch man..

P.S. Shouts to @Kenzo_Slice

Time to Move Outta NYC Bruh.

..When Niggas walking the street in broad day light up to your car, looking like movie extras from some post-apocalyptic movie, it's time to get the fuck outta dodge bruh..


..This nigga look like he just left the set from the Thriller Video...

..A Nigga ever walk up to my whip looking like this, I'd hit that nigga with the door and speed off, circle the block doing 92 mph and run over that nigga, fuck the dumb shit..

..Ole Voldo from Soul Calibur looking ass nigga man..


Look At These Niggas.

..I can't...


..Grown ass niggas with skirts and uggs on..

..This is some end of the world fuckery right here..

..Cakeboy extreme ass niggas..

..Something tells me these niggas is hookers..

..Look at the chick in the back looking at these niggas..

..I'd a throw a snickers bar at them niggas so hard it would melt upon contact..

..Fuck yall.


Locking Khan

..Very Fresh Vid..


New Nigga Extraodinaire

..This nigga is a clown..


..Have you no respect?..

..How the fuck do you disrespect Carmines by putting blue laces in them..

..You need your ass Hulk Hogan Big Booted off your fucking porch B..

..Looking like a urban Captain Marvel and shit..

..Where do they find these niggas B.. 
P.S. Shouts to @ChaseTheMoney96

No You Didn't...

..This project bitch did not put a got damn mirror in her sink to take a pic..


..See this the shit I be talking about..

..You thirstbucket ass niggas be giving these hoes too much fucking confidence..

..Ain't no way in the world a bitch would feel its cool to take a pic like this..

..Bitches like you should get a mandatory 2 years in prison for owning a camera..

..Bitch is that doo doo on the side of the mirror?..

..I mean I see you running low on toilet paper and shit..

..Like you lost on every angle, cause you not even bad to the point you get a pass cause you look good...

..Fuck Life..

P.S. Shouts to @Pufntrees

Bagoosh **NSFW**


**Please Scroll down fast to pass by images quickly..






Naw Yo.

..Why this bitch look like swirl of lemon soft ice cream?..


..Do you have any fucking increment of an idea of how awful you look?..

..This Bitch got...wait..lemme count..12 fucking rolls..

..Where is your ass?.

..Why did you leave your house looking like this..


My Office View >>>>>>


You Can't Be Serious.

..Seriously, WHY?..


..I don't even know what to say to this bullshit.. if the OG Foamposite cap wasn't ultra ass..

..I'm outs..


Air Jordan 1 Black/Royal


..I need 2 pairs of these shits right chea..

..I'm a be like Barry Sanders in his got damn prime trying to get the counter, come drop date B..

..Nike Air on the Tongue..

..No Jumpman on the back!!!..

..Drops Spring 2013..

..I'm look just like this when these drop...


..Fuck The Dumb Shit..



..I'm a take wild guess and say she's trying to say she can suck big dick or something?..


..Bitch WTF are you doing?..

..This how you get it cracking in the club?..

..Is this a new dance?..

..Look at nigga in the back pointing like, "This bitch can suck a big dick, huh?"..

..If a bitch ever do this shit while I'm doing my 2 step with her, I'm moonwalking all the way back to my house away from that creepy bitch..

P.S. Shouts to @AlreadyGotEm

Niggas Be Trying Too Hard

..Niggas be reaching so hard for a reblog and like Man..


..What fucking Cheetah you know be in the woods, you never watching a national geographic documentary watching ass nigga?!?!?..

..Let me go put on my Kobe Shark's and stick my foot in my fish tank for a pic..

..You immediate jackass..


What the Shit is This?!



..They really got kids out here wearing shit like this?!?!?!..

..My kids ever ask for some shit like this, I'll slap the shit outta them so good, they'll ask me for another slap, because the first one hurt so got damn much, they just know they did some really fucked up shit my dude..

..Imagine my kids coming down the fucking hall in my house rocking these shits, I'll fucking Sub Zero ice slide foot sweep these niggas before they make it pass the bathroom doorway B..

..Fuck This..


King Swag

..This nigga's swag level is on 100..


..No One can tell this nigga nothing..

..This nigga single-handedly reinvented what wavy is..

..Mahfucka style is impetuous, his defense is impregnable, and he's just ferocious..

..Nigga diddy bop is on Ultimate Warrior to the extreme, nigga got TWO bad bitches, like fuck it though..

..I salute you, sir..

P.S. Shouts to @ChaseTheMoney96


..This the shit thats popping?, bitches looking like Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg from the Fifth Element?..

..The Fuck going on in this world, where bitches wanna look like the cast from Mad Max and shit?..


..I mean what do you even call that fucking shit on your head?..

..Hairstylist need that ass stoned to death..

..I can't..


Eddie Caine JR?

..Ole "Nights Like This" looking ass nigga..

..Five Heartbeats really let this nigga down B..

..I'm 98.9% sure it's this nigga..

P.S. Shouts to @SoleRealTM


..Man What?..


..Is that a got damn panda bear wearing a muthafucking raptor mascot uniform and some VII's..

..You know you fucking T shirt designers is getting outta line..

..I ever see anyone in the flesh wearing this bullshit, I'm pulling this shirt over their face and kneeing the shit out they nosebridge area until my jeans turns red..

P.S. Shouts to @Slick_CashWood

Bedevilled (Trailer)

..Son this movie was fucking Insane..

..Must See..


Denim Shorts? We Off That

..Ay my man, there's these things right, they usually come about 30 or more inseam, in various colors, various materials, been around for ages, they are called "Pants", you stupid muthafucka..


..Why the fuck don't you just wear jeans, bitch?..

..Nigga, shorts is damn near dragging on the ground..

..AND this nigga got on carpenter denim baggy shorts..

..I know for a got damn fact, you not getting no pussy..

..Nigga walking around on his Doug wave, shorts bigger than his entire body ass nigga..

P.S. Shouts to @LickMySoles

SLYM Shayne!

..Fucking Crack..


Yams **NSFW**


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The Fuck is You Supposed to Be?

..Why this bitch look like the Final Boss in a video game?..


..Is this bitch supposed to be popping of some shit??..

..Bitch look like a hindu Dr. Robotnik from Sonic..

..Bitch got arms like Balrog from Street Fighter..

..The Fuck is up with them Barrel Shorts B and she got them shits cuffed..

..Who the fuck Cuff's shorts?!?!?..

..Man get me the fuck outta here, Blood..



Update: Busy

Sup Y'all.

I know y'all have noticed the lack of consistent posting, I just wanted to let y'all know, I have been super busy with work, sleeping dogs the game, and just life in general, I am super busy this week with work, but I will be posting sometime later this week. Thanks for your Understanding.



Jean Claude Van Damme Day: Best Of JCVD

..Best Fight Scenes..

..Best Line He Ever Said In a Movie..


Jean Claude Van Damme Day: Greatest Youtube Mix

..Follow The Instructions..

..Play This Video Below until 0:25, then pause it..

..Click "mute" on the volume..

..Play This Video Below..

..And hit play on the video above at the same time..

..Scroll back up and watch the clip..



Jean Claude Van Damme Day: Bloodsport in 480p

..Witness Greatness..


Jean Claude Van Damme Day: His Greatest Contribution...

..This by far is Jean Claude Van Damme's Greatest Contribution to earth..


..You on some imperial G shit, to spread your fucking legs apart let a nigga see your crotch and then drive a big ass knife into his fucking face B..

..Sit there and act like the first time you seen that scene you didn't lose your fucking mind..

..I went absolutely bat shit as a lil kid seeing this shit on cable..


..Thank You JCVD for everything you've contributed to my childhood..


FHINQ Music: Falcons - TeamSupreme

..Falcons Fuck Fresh..

P.S. Shouts to always uploading heat.

Sad Day For Men: Isis Taylor Quits Porn **NSFW**


**Please Scroll down fast to pass by images quickly..

..This Can't Be Life..


..This is not how I envisioned life to be..

..What Is Life?..

..First, A Tribe Called Quest Breaks Up, Then HBO cancelled How To Make it in America, Then Chris Tucker says he's not gonna be in the Next Friday Movie, Then Finish Line starts doing E-Mail Lotteries..

..Now This..

..1 of the baddest Porn Stars Ever Quits Porn..

..In the great words from the high exalted P.Diddy..

"It's all fucked up now
Y'all know it's all fucked up now right?
What the fuck i'ma do now?
What i'ma do now?"


..But Wait, There is a Glimpse of Hope..

..Thank You Based Isis..