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Food For Thought . 02

..I haven't bought myself a pair of shoes with my own money since June 09 2012..

..The last pair of shoes I bought myself was the Yeezy 2's at $245..

..Before that pair was my South Beach Elite 9 on April 15th (I paid $450 for my early pair) and Playoff XII's on March 6th (I paid $200 for my early pair)..

..Between the time frame of March 1st to July 27th of 2011, I spent approximately $2,395 on sneakers..

..Do The Math..

..Is it worth it?..

P.S. I hope you don't think I'm trying to deter people from buying sneakers, I'm just voicing my view on how I see it now, that I'm on the outside looking in.

P.P.S. Take into consideration I wouldn't even pay those type of prices for an early if it wasn't for the ways of now that leads me to believe it's easier to dish some extra loot out for a pair 2 months early and also allows me to the ease of not having to deal with lines, bullshit, stress, possibly missing out and still having to pay that same exact price after drop date to a reseller.


Food For Thought . 01

..As I really retire myself from all that is the sneaker game, I just had some thoughts..

..Whoever doesn't think the sneaker game needs changes is an obvious idiot, I don't know how to change the game myself, but I know how to change the game within myself as a sneakerhead..

..As I pulled myself out the game, this past week, after taking a week off so far from twitter, I glanced at my timeline and I see the same bullshit over and over again, sneakers, complain about sneakers, talk shit about this person who does dumb shit within the sneakergame, raffles for sneakers, rape prices, people trying to trade forsaken things for sneakers, you know the usual shit, I also pictured myself being a part of this usual shit, which I admit I am, and most likely one of the forefront runners of it..

..I can say being out the game is definitely different, I don't stress over sneaker bullshit, I don't worry about whats the best place to raise the chance percentage of me obtaining the shoes I want, I don't care about shit like I used to, this is how I changed the game within myself as a sneakerhead, don't get me wrong, I wanted the barkley 180's, I wanted the camo high sb's, I wanted the Michael Chang pumps, but I simply just said "I'm good", I wasn't compelled to pull out my credit card and cop, I simply did not give a shit.

..This game is so contaminated with fuckery, it's at the point where when our friends get a shoe, we fucking congratulate them for getting it, like it was the birth of their child, a promotion, or a graduation...we congratulate each other over obtaining a muthafucking shoe, if you really sit there and think how fucking ignorant this is, you'll realize how fucked up the game is..

..Then we stress over fucking shoes, we go through the bullshit of getting them, we have our girlfriends or boyfriends, parents, wishing us "a get home safe" once we purchase the shoes from a don't even understand the concern my fiancee has for me when she knows I'm planning to line up for some shoes...seriously, think about this, our loved ones concerned over our well being because were purchasing a fucking shoe, Then we get the shoes and then were hated on, were called hypebeasts by people mad because they didnt get the same shoe..

..Maybe I'm weak, Maybe I'm not built for the negative aspects of the game or maybe I'm strong enough to back out the game and take a chill, maybe I'm strong enough to pass on kicks that I'd like to have..

..whatever the case may be, I know all this bullshit that now comes along with something so simple as it used to be like walking into your favorite shoe store on a Saturday afternoon after chilling with some Capt. Crunch and watching Tv for the morning, Is not necessary..

..I'm probably blabbering about shit, that's been talked about over and over again, but since I've been asked repeatedly about why I retired or stopped copping kicks, I just wanted to express myself and let ppl know some of the reasons why I'm out the game..

..I hope you find some serenity in this sneaker game we love, Because I have..


All Is Well...


..All is Well, I am safe, I am just taking a break from the normal things in my life..

..I'll be back soon..

..I appreciate the concern, but I am fine..

..I hope everyone is ok, thank you..



And you wonder why I retired...

..Cause of fuck shit ass stuff like this..


..Entire fucking family of 7 Mexicans copping supreme lows and the store actually letting them..

..You know damn well them shits ain't for them..

..Fucking kids with money in their hand going to buy a pair..

..I can't even be mad at "them"..

..Cause 1 I didn't want the shoe myself, so I really shouldn't give a shit..

..2 I blame the fucking store management for allowing that shit to happen, they coulda simply enforced a 1 shoe per household type rule for them niggas, straight up..





..Which one of y'all got your nasty ass moms camping out for them KDIV "Scoring Titles"?..

P.S. Shouts to @OnlyMJsCollectd

World B-Boy Classic 2012 - 2 On 2 Recap


Talib Kweli Ft. Curren$y & Kendrick Lamar - Push Thru


Clowning On The Line.

P.S. Shouts to KnicksNKicks



..If you dont know what "Catch a Fade" means, it means you about to fight them..

P.S. Shouts to @L_Rocks_Well

LMFAO @ Lebron's Unstoppable Move


P.S. Shouts to Dipset121


Metro : Last Light (Gameplay)



Total Recall 2012




..Sleeping in the got damn street for some Supreme SB's..


..This other nigga brought a got damn air bed..

..If you ever catch me laying on the got damn street for some shoes, shoot me in the fucking face with a shotgun..

P.S. Shouts to KnicksNKicks & @I3ible




..The fuck kinda science project fuck shit is this man?..

..That lil nigga who designed the Doernbecher IV's made this right, where the fuck is that lil shit?!?!..

..No seriously, WTF is this nonsense?..

..Who the fuck let Cross Colours collab with Jordan Brand?..

..Y'all niggas done lost y'all fucking mind with this shit..


..Who in they right mind would even rock this shit?..

..Fucking kicks looking like a Meffert's Pyraminx..

..ANY of you niggas ask me for ANY info on these shoes, be prepared for me to electrical tape a grenade to my fist, I'll pull the pin and punch your fucking jaw off your face..

..Man Fuck This..


Mr. Wizards A Dick


P.S. Shouts to SickamorStyle


Pets For Kicks?

..Nigga What?!..

..You niggas dead ass out here trying to trade pets for sneakers..

..Why you inhumane pieces of shit..

..Nigga dead ass tried to trade a got damn snake for some V's..


P.S. Shouts to @SoleRealTM & @NikeHeadlouie

Kanye Won.



Donnie Yen Vs. Collin Chou & Xing Yu

..Two of my favorite fight scenes..

..Movie name is "Flash Point"..



ProperPapa/Propapapa on Tumblr/Instagram = Biter.

..Anybody within the sneaker community that knows this fucking clown, dude is a flat out biter..

..This fuckboy is poser ass chump, dude has been biting and taking shit off my site for years..

..First it was on tumblr, where I caught him taking my DMP XI Image, cropping off my watermark, posting it up on his tumblr site and calling it Concords..

(Original Post)

(Copied Cropped Post that was posted on his tumblr)

..The nigga doesn't know shit about sneakers, I dont fuck with this nigga..

..Now he's on Instagram copying shit off my site and posting it on his feed..

..I know ppl take from each other but at least give a shout or link to where you got it from..

..Dont be up on your fucking instragm saying your funny, when you taking my shit and passing it off as your own..

..The nigga even jacks my slang B..

..You see this nigga, call him out, post a link to this post..

..and this goes for anyone else, you see biting my shit off..

..Thank You..

P.S. Shouts to @Renz360

Greatest Album Review Ever



People in Boston Have No Chill



The Revolution of Immortal Technique


Best of Parkour Worldwide 2012


Assassin Creed 3 Boston Gameplay

..OMG @ 5:01..





Somebody's WDYWT

..I Saw this and fell out my seat..








..Naw, this nigga didn't just say his shoes was 84% DS and worn around the house on rags..

..Nigga WTF is 84% DS?!??!..

..In my mind which is pretty fucking intelligent might I add, DS percentage wise is 100%, 92% or so is VNDS..


..If you wore them on Rags, how in the muthafuck you arrive at 84%..

..and wtf you doing wearing kicks on rags in your muthafucking house b..

..Was you playing slippy slide?..

..Was you mopping up some shit, I mean WTF?..

..Then you got the muthafucking audacity to say "OFFER UP"..

..Should offer up my got damn right fist to your chin you bitch ass nigga..

..I can't deal with you new niggas man..

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Ronald Jenkees - Gold Spinners

..This Nigga is Crack on the Keys..

..This is from his Self-Titled Album..


Korea 2012 World B-Boy Crew Finals Recap

..Damn, I really need to see a great B-Boy competition live before I die..


Kobe Bryant vs Kyrie Irving

..Kyrie Bugging..


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