Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Pusha T - Exodus 23:1 (Video)

..After Watching This..

..Wayne And Drake Want No Parts of King Push and VA..

..These niggas sniffing raw on film..

..YMCMB not bout that life..


Deadlight (Video Game Trailer)

..Can't Wait..



I Will Fuck You Up, Holmes.


..My Spanish niggas just keep losing..


..You really licking the soles of a pair of Fake Galaxy's you stupid nigga!?!?!?..

..You mean to tell me you couldnt see them shits was fake when the swoosh look like a got damn horseshoe?!..


..I swear on the encryption of my inner soul, I would drop you where you stand if I was near you when this pic was taken..

..Nigga I'm talking bout I'd swing so hard that If I missed it would still sound like a book shelf with 146 books on it just fell to the ground..

..Fuck you, Your Parents, Your Block, The Floor you live on and the manufacturers of the camera that took that pic Nigga..

P.S. Shouts to @Hakeem_IGD

Nigga What?



P.S. Shouts to NoTitleSince73

Swear on my life.



..My fiancee EVER served me some shit like this, I'd pour gasoline on her head, light my own hand on fire and deliver the illest punch in fighting history to her fucking face B..

..How in human nature do you put a slice of individually wrapped cheese ontop of Ramen?!!??!?!?!..

..Have you no chill?..


..This shit is inhumane..

..A Kony Slave wouldnt eat this bullshit..

..I hate people..





Oklahomo Thunder Vol. 2

..Seriously, is this nigga trolling?..

..I can't take this nigga dressing style man..

..Shit infuriates the fuck outta the Get Fresh Cells in my DNA B..


Bruno Ass Movie Title

..Keep telling Y'all Brunocity is going Global..



..South Beach Air Jordan XI's..


..Who the fuck rocks Camo Cargo's with blue and pink shoes my nigga..

..I'm getting really sick and tired of you new niggas..


Going Too Far.

..Lemme get this straight, you bit a custom tiger foam design from last year, then put a 360 air unit on it..


..Come the fuck on, the Tiger Customs was trash to begin with!!..

..Why the fuck that shit look like Patent Leather?..

..Got the audacity to pull ur pants up and stick ur foot out for the pic..

..Man Fuck This..




..This Can't be Life..


..This isn't a joke either..






..This the bullshit you niggas want me to play?!..


..What the fuck is this dumb shit?..

..Grown ass niggas in they house playing this bullshit??..

..Must be out y'all damn minds, Real Niggas is on that Max Payne 3 wave..

..Imagine ME, going from Max Payne to playing this pixelated lego bullshit..

..Nigga HA HA..


Nas - Daughters (Video)




Can't Say That I Do Starring Javale Mcgee


P.S. Shouts to StylinOnYou

KRNFX Vs Babeli (BeatBox Battles)

..Everybody has been going crazy for these on twitter when I post them..
So I'm picking out some of the best to put up, Enjoy..
..KRNFX (Korean Dude) is prolly my fav beatbox battler so far..


The Great Gatsby (Trailer)

..Movie Looks Beautifully Shot..

..Hollywood need to stop shitting on Leo man, give that man an Award..


Got Em Coach!!!!

..Pittman Straight Randy Macho Man Savage Elbow'd That Nigga Stephenson..

..If you didn't know Stephenson, made a Choke gesture while Lebron was shooting a free throw in a earlier game of the playoff series..

..So Pittman Tried to fly that Nigga's head..

..Here's the benches reaction, LMFAO..

P.S. Shouts to Budala

This Can't Be Life.


..I don't wanna live on this planet anymore..

..I'm outs..


Max Payne Doing Work.

..Shot Dude's nose clean the fuck off his face B..

..You know the kinda accuracy you gotta have to shoot a nigga's snotbox off his face?!..


Why You Dumb Muthafucka You!

..Do you not think??!..


..Stupid ass Bitch gonna ask NIKE if they gonna sell REEBOK's..

..You need your jaw shattered..



Bum Ass Bitch

..This the type of dog shit I be talking bout man..


..How the fuck you walk in shoes so long it look like a car driving on two wheels??..

..Got Damn Heels Look like a Skateboard Half Pipe..

..You can't feel your shit leaning???..

..You dont realize your inner ankle is scraping the ground?..

..Bitch save up and cop some new boots man, got damn..

..Fuck boots look like Ozone from Breakin' neck move..


..Fuck outta here man..


The Dark Knight Rises Posters



Marvel Heroes (Trailer 1)

..Looks Tough!..



Random Rambo.50


You know there's a lot of shit I put up with when it comes to women, the only shit I won't put up with when it comes to women is them having a got damn lazy eye

You fuck a bitch with a lazy eye in the missionary position you get discouraged cuz u go look em in the eye trying to be passionate and see them looking at you and the wall, like they not paying full attention or some shit

Thank God for Spandex, Spandex can get a bitch with a skateboard booty some mean dick

I hate mahfuckas who over dress

It be 86 and this nigga next to me got on jeans, a north face and TIMBS, like nigga u making ME feel like I didn't dress right

Too much of anything is bad for you...

Tell that to your bitch that's letting me hit it every night

You niggas still buying caps to match your kicks, I should Kufi smack the shit out ur cap and crash a fully pack shopping cart with various groceries in it into the back of your heels

I know it's hot but what is it with u bitches rocking jeans with a million cuts and tears in the leg?

I'm all for easy access but when it look like you was doing breakdance windmills in a field of barbwire, I'm good hoe

Real Talk, shouts to the chicks I dated before meeting my fiancee, her greatness confirmed y'all assness

The worst pastry on earth is a Coffee Crumb Cake

I think anything powdered is fucking trash, you gotta be a A-Class diamond certified Bruno to be a dude and order shit "powdered"

Say this outloud "yeah, and can you put powder on it" tell me you don't feel all the Brunocity levels raising to high levels in your soul

You ever sit next to a old person who starts singing old gospel hymns and they sound like pure shit, but you scared to tell em to STFU cuz God might punish you?

So I'm helping my homeboy son do a snoopy puzzle, and of course me being that dude, I was putting mad pieces on the bitch, this lil nigga gon tell me "stop cheating!" nigga how I'm cheating??, you the one with the box cover in your hand staring at the pic every 5 seconds, I should fly your fucking head when your pops ain't looking for popping off.

This nigga John Travolta need to stop groping niggas.

I dunno why the fuck Instagram was invented, they got this grouping photo shit where u can put multiple pics in one pic, so these below average faced bitches got 3 below average faced fucking pics in 1, it's like a collage defining how fucked up a bitch is

I've always wanted to flip a car over with my bare hands

Actually I wanna punch someone in their face while they're driving and the car is moving

I wanna jump out a tree and elbow drop a Moose

Ayo, How the fuck u bitches get acne and shit right between ur cleavage? Chest looking like the back of a nestle crunch and you wanna rock a V neck

I don't understand how ppl walking around with cell phones with crazy cracked screens, get ur shit fixed u broke bastard

I don't trust a bitch who don't own a purse.

Whenever I walk past a park and ppl are playing basketball I always say to myself, "You lil niggas can't play no real ball"

Man Fuck Mercer

My life stay icy in the trap

I still don't understand why ppl come on my site to try and clown me, like nigga there's no fucking way in hell you gonna win, you even lucky I approve your messages in the first place.

Only cape wearing faggots copped those White & Red Low XI's

I hate niggas who litter, I should come to ur house and dump a weeks worth of trash right on ur porch

If War Machine And Vision ain't in Avengers 2 I'm kicking Paul Pierce's Ass

I think Rita Oro and Honey Cocaine are very tall midgets, their head to body ratio is unequal beyond measure

I hate niggas who walk with umbrellas on sunny days, TF is you Fonsworth Bentley...should hammer punch ya fucking umbrella into your skull

Indian Chicks be having some wild ass sideburns they shit be looking like a wicker basket

I just wanna know when Paul Pierce is doing the sequel to that movie "Too Wong Foo" I heard he was great in the first one.

Can someone explain to me why stores still sell cassette tapes?

Like who the fuck is still using these things? What the fuck can even still play those things?

Buy to rock, not to stock

Whoever said Max Payne Was Wack, prolly rocks those White & Red Low XI's and has the same haircut as Manny Pacquiao

You ever see a person talking to themselves and u break ur neck to see if they have on a Bluetooth headset...but they don't...and you wanna get from around them as fast as possible?

Next time u fuck a bitch wrap ur hands around her throat lightly and scream "oh yeah brother!!!" like Hulk Hogan...I guarantee you won't ever fuck that bitch again and/or be in jail for some type of charges

You haven't truly fucked a bitch good unless they sleep naked after sex or at least contemplate whether or not to find they panties after u pull out

Pau Gasol is a bitch, you know u bitchmade when ur own got damn parents refuse to add a L to ur name to name you Paul

If your girl gives you head and she don't make you look like you trying to stare at the sun, dump that bitch.

I am Def, This was Random Rambo #50, it's been a pleasure


Miss Vai & El Maricon

..Shit I'd a Cried to if that ass was in front of me..

..But Son, how this overgrown cakeboy know the dances??!..


..This Brunocity shit has expanded to global levels..