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Corey Brewer's Hairline



This Can't Be Life.



..I can't believe this shit..

..This nigga dead ass photoshopped a 6 pac on him..

..You need your ass dealt with Potna..


..Nigga jeans just morph into a stomach, aint got no belt no nothing..

..Fuck This..

P.S. Shouts to @SoleRealTM

Come On Man!

..You just gon sit there on a train and get your tracks put in right?..


..You not even gon wait till you get home to do that shit right?..

..This is Coonery at its finest..

..This is why minorities get looked down upon cause of ratchet shit like this man..


Fuck Wrong With This Man.

..This Lil B Nigga on Some other shit..

..Nigga walking around with dangle earrings on and shit..

..You taking this Based shit too far Bruh..

..Shit aint even cool no more, you just asking for ass beating my dude..

Cut it Out or I will be forced to Thrash you..



Random Rambo 49

Fuel band full of shit, I did the cooking dance for 5 minutes and reached my daily goal

WTF was Wale thinking letting Mase hop in the booth for that Slight Work Remix?

That nigga had no types of chill in his body for letting that fuckness occur B.

I've always wanted to punch the living shit outta that dude who sang that "Time of my life" song from Dirty Dancing

Shit annoyed me when he said "listen baby", nigga swore he had so much swag

Chicks need to chill trying to talk to a nigga with the ill mustache, just cause its dark outside don't mean I can't see you Zorro

Swear Karl Malone had the shittiest dunks ever

Y'all chick's need to fucking chill taken ass shots when your ass look like shoulder blades

You ever use tissue, blow your nose and blow a hole right through the got damn tissue?!!

Then you got snot on ya got damn hands, wtf was the purpose of using proper etiquette? Might as well just use my got damn bare hands to sneeze in

Why you chick's never satisfied? Talking bout he coulda opened the car door for me, bitch the nigga opened it for you to get in, the fuck?

Lil kids in the project satisfied with a mattress to jump and do flips on, chicks always got some shit to say when all we need is for to jump on our mattress and flip that ass over, hoe

Ayo muthafuck that Tupac hologram Nigga!!!!

Fuck that and fuck any of you simple meek minded Muhfuckas that was mystified by that stupid shit

Niggas need to hologram Bruce Lee to come and kick the brain juice out ya fucking skull

U chick's see a nigga is engaged and still wanna holla at a nigga, but when a nigga cheat on y'all we the scum of the got damn earth right? Y'all the reason why the world fucked up now

Yo I hate when niggas use a yellow crayon and get the tip of it fucked up cuz they drawn too close to a dark color

And has anyone successfully ever used the white crayon? that's gotta be the most pointless fucking crayon ever

Mountain Dew white out is the shit, I wish tap water tasted like it, nigga my water bill would skyrocket

These new niggas still licking the bottom of their shoes man

I hate new niggas, new niggas is niggas who ain't realize the shit they doing is considered dumb as fuck to everybody

I need to go see my moms, lil kids moms on Private Practice died In his arm while he laid on top of her in the hospital bed & that shit hit my soul on some u slacking on seeing ur moms type shit

Ay why the fuck would u put a gate around your house that only goes up to my balls? I could Lift my leg up and over that shit without blinking, fuck is you protecting the ground?

I get a fence that shit gon be 15 feet high made out of electrical adamantanium with midget snipers at every corner

Hey bitch, if your ass flatter than a touch screen, do not take ass pics, trying to arch your back extreme as fuck, putting wild stress on your spine to make it seem like u got ass

You dudes need to stop starting shit with a nigga like me who ain't had a real fight in a few years, y'all get brave and y'all make us wanna see if we still got it, we get super amped and then y'all wanna get quiet

The heat you own that's NOT IN YOUR SIZE, don't count when you showing off your collection, B.

So me and Wifey agreed that our Siberian Husky that we're getting is gonna be called "Megatron", she wanted Mimi, but I can't walk no dog in the park screaming "Mimi, come here"

I wanna fight a polar bear with my bare hands

Y'all some sucka ass niggas if you let your girl see "Think like a man", ur bitch see that and come back acting like Beyonce before Jay locked it down

My Wifey see "Think like a man", she gon get beat like a man.

I told her straight up she not allowed to see that shit...You think I'm playing huh?


Naw Nigga.

...You didn't really just do that right?..


..Nigga actually thought it was poppin to put one concord and one playoff XII on his feet AND leave his got damn house..

..I can't stand you New Niggas..

..Where the fuck was his parents at they ain't see him leave the house looking like a jackass?..

..See this that fuckboy shit I be talking bout, these the niggas that need they ass beat..


..Man Fuck You Cuz...


"Bacchanale" Ft. Lil Buck & New Styles Krew

..Music is ass..

..Put it on mute and use this below if you want..




Mac Miller is a Dumb Fuck.

..Dumb Ass..





 ..Facebook be having some weird ass sheltered mahfuckas on that shit..



..What in all glorious fucks of skin?!!..


..I swore this nigga had a neckbrace on..

..Got damn neck look like he got a halloween mask on without stuffing the bottom part in his shirt..

..Ole tire neck ass nigga..

..This nigga look like white slimer..

..Nigga go work ur head out B..


Where's The Pause!!?!?!?


Nas - Daughters (Produced By NO ID)

..Amazing Fucking Song..




Brian Mcknight Has Lost His Got Damn Mind

..What in Incredible shit is this my nigga?!?!?!?..


..This nigga got on knee high uggs??!..


..Yo Im Outs..

P.S. Shouts to @SoleRealTM


Lebron 9 P.S. Elite "South Beach"

Lebron 9 P.S. Elite "South Beach"
Msrp : $250
Drops : 06/02/12
Style # : 516958 001


Prime Example of a "New Nigga"

..New Nigga = A person who does some stupid ass shit and doesn't realize how fucking stupid it is..

..Sentence Use : "You new niggas gotta chill"..

..This New Nigga got the nerve to twist his got damn skinny jeans and stuff em into his socks, while he got boots on..

..This nigga got a birdchest with a V neck on..

..This that New Nigga shit man, only time you rock a V neck (which I never approve any fucking way) is when you got a upper chest tat and/or your pec's is built, my nigga..

..This nigga got a dolphin chest..

..Look at this nigga facial expression, shit is all types of "I fucked up, huh?"

..Look at the way this muthafucka got his belt yo..







Fuck Wrong With This Nigga?



Playoff XII Lines

..Niggas walking up to the lines and end up doing this..



P.S. Shouts to MC Pusha, @LickMySoles, @TruJordan23,  @MsAshley12

This Nigga Blake a Hoe.

..Lil ass shooting guard popping off in your face and you aint do shit..

..Sucker ass Nigga..

..Dudley hit that man with the..




Kanye West Ft. DJ Khaled - Way Too Cold (Video)

..lil nigga going off!..


Oh Aight.

..I guess you really styling on niggas huh?..


..You just gon rock one jordan and one flip flop right..

..You got that new cop the right shoe only off ebay swag, huh?..

..You got crazy hops off your right foot huh?..

..I guess that's ya mans over there with the ripped up jeans huh?..

..Nigga jeans look they was caught in a paper shredder..

..Should fuck your bitch ass up for this shit..


..Nigga Kill Yourself..

P.S. Shouts to The Moniker

You Bold Huh????

..Fuck wrong with you, posting shit on twitter early in the got damn morning?!!?..


..Niggas open they eye and this the first shit they see?!..

..Bitch nose look like the toe box for some Lebron 8v1..

..Over there looking like Beaker from the muppets and shit..


..Ole big ass nose and small ass tits..

..Looking like you smelling some shit..

..Man fuck This, I'm outs..


Bitches What?!?!!?

..This can't be fucking life..