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Ultra Cuff Man!

..Nigga Really?..


..This the shit that's poppin in your swag life?..

..Nigga you better be carrying the illest knife in them cuffs..

..Nigga cuff look like Mega Man's Vulcan Cannon Arm..

..There ain't no logical got damn reason for this blasphemic type shit..
(Yes, Blasphemic nigga)

..Nigga I could KINDA see if you had on rare heat my nigga..

..But nigga you got on them MODELL type GR shits..


..Them shits that be on top of a counter and you just look under it and find your size yourself, like them shits ain't even worth an employee to go in the back and look for my nigga..

..You really fucking struggling at life B..

..You need your ass held over a banister by your ankles and shook until your cuffs undo themselves fucka..

P.S. Shouts to @Ragerpie

Jean Michel Basquiat - Marvin Gaye


Random Rambo.47

Sup Fucka.

So I'm on twitter and I see a pic as I'm scrolling, it's somebody holding a big ass piece of DooDoo in their hand.

Like what inspires a nigga to drop a shit missile in the toilet, get up, put his hand in the toilet, grab the shit, hold it up, and then take a pic of it?

You really gotta be on some outlandish doctrine to muster the thought patterns that lead up to that, B

You ever wanna rock someone Jaw so hard, once the punch lands it looks like the person is shaking their head "No" 5 times?

"Rock your jaw" is a term for landing the most hellraising punch known to man on someone's jawline

I feel bad for my girl, cause the next time we smash, I'm drilling her yum yum so hard by the time I'm done, all you gonna see is her feet wiggling out of a torn mattress

Someone offered my nigga Corgishoe $250 for a 00' pair of DS Space Jams...then got mad when he said no.

Nigga you can't even find a pair of 09 space jams for that price the DAY AFTER THEY DROPPED.

I need them South Beach Elite 9's yo.

Nigga how in the fuck do you cheat at Connect Four?

Somebody blamed my lil godbrother for cheating on a game on Connect Four, nigga the only way someone could cheat on you in Connect Four is if you blind and deaf, ain't no way in fucking hell, someone can slip two chips in without you knowing if you was sitting there the entire got damn time

For every 50 people that relate to me, there's 2 that'll hate me.

Can I ask y'all a serious question? Why are you on my site daily if you don't like me? Like wtf is your purpose of typing in my site addy to come and pop off at me.

That's like going to work everyday and not getting paid.

I wanna throw a $1 sweet tea from McDonalds at a cat's face.

I will never own a cat as a pet, that's the most boring fucking house pet ever, them motherfuckers are not cool to play with, they don't even play fetch, the only shit they are good for is when u wiggle a red pointer beam around and they try to catch it.

Wait, actually this is the coolest cat I know.


That cat G is fuck to slap a hat off a baby kitten yo

I hate phones with a cord.

That Total Recall 2012 movie looks kinda dope yo

I'm working on the schematics of the I am Def t shirt shit, shits more than I expected with all your interest, trying to work something out with my people

Nicki Minaj is so fucking wack man, I'd rather dance butt naked in a phonebooth full of barbwire than listen to her rap yo.

Why the fuck does Drake dress like he's about to paint a room when he performs live in concert? all this nigga wears is a black tank top and black jeans. I think that nigga performs barefoot to

Hey Bitch, why the fuck would you buy flowers for a man?, I don't give a shit if I'm sick, hoe do not bring no fucking flowers...bring me a video game or some shit, even though I can't play it, I know once I get out that fucking bed, I'm a be home playing it

What is the fucking purpose of Mentos? That's the shittiest fucking candy ever, I'd rather eat old gum from under a table than that shit

If you fuck a bitch and she don't lay there like she just got shot for at least 1 to 2 minutes after you pull out, you a faggot.

Click my ads, if I made you laugh today, if not I'm slap your girl ass so hard she gonna look like she walking on her tippy toes for the rest of her life.

Next person I see with a Jansport backpack, I'm beating them to death with a laser printer ink cartridge.

I wanna tackle a giraffe to the ground, I've never seen a giraffe not on all fours.

Camo Cargo's go with everything, Camo pants don't.

Don't question me bitch.

I think gold teeth grills adds like 18% more strength to your punching power.

Got damn, I'm a feel sorry for my girl next time we fuck.

I'm a fuck her so hard against the wall, we gonna break through and leave a body outline like them cartoons.

Real Talk, I appreciate your support of me and my mind, I know I aint bout shit, but at least y'all laugh with me and find humor and also take the time out of your time to give me props, which is so humbling, without you and your support, I'm pretty fucking sure I'd a stopped posting a long time ago, Y'all are my fuel, and nigga I'm always on F, lets get it.

Oh yeah No Bruno, not sure if that always on F metaphor is pausable or not.

I am Def and I am not normal.


Lil Buck - Out Of Context


Nigga WTF?

..Fuck this nigga doing playing with Panda's B?..


..Man get this nigga the fuck outta New York Yo..

P.S. Shouts to @DeadStockNYC


..Nigga sign me the fuck up..



Bitches Be Dreaming

..Nigga Who in the fuck?..


..Which one of you muthaufucka's gassed this bitch up?..

..Why is this bitch whole mouth vicinity blacker than her knees..

..Lmfao @ Actress..

..Yeah I can see that, cause you acting like you pretty or some shit..

..Nigga Hot Pink don't work on Mud Duck skin yo..

..She said she's a host, host of STD's and shit..

..I wanna drop the meanest fucking elbow on that bitch man..


..I hate people..


Got Damn!



Latin Sneakerheads Need To Chill

..WTF is this??..


..You latin niggas is pissing me the fuck off yo..

..Like how many fucking layers do y'all niggas have on?!?..

..T shirts, Long Sleeve Shirt, Vest, Beanie..

Nigga is you hot or cold???, seriously, pick one..


..The other nigga without a BEANIE, got on GLOVES!!!.

 ..The Nigga got on Beats with no wire y'all..


..First these two clown fucks..

 ..Now This Bullshit..


..I Can't take this nonsense no more..

..Swear on my life if I'd seen these two fuck I'd punch them until each every patch fell off their vest yo..

..Shit is disrespectful to my Latin side yo..

P.S. Shouts to @PRPRINCE021

What is that shit?!

..First off I dunno why chicks do that kissy fuck face shit for in pics..

..But What in the oral fuck is that shit on her lip B?..


..Shit look like the foamposite design..

..Y'all chicks need to chill, mouth looking like a broke jacket zipper and shit..

..Another thing wtf is up with pointing eyelashes and shit..

..Bitch eyes look like a F-19 Stealth Fighter..

..Cut it out..


Who Smashed This!?!?

..Bitch look like Jay Electronica..

..Which one of you low self-esteem having nigga's hit this shit?!?!..

..Y'all just giving all the ugly ass bitches out here hope, that they too can get some dick and get pregnant man!!..


..You had to be drunk or some fuck to even be behind closed doors with this pestilence..

..Y'all gotta chill, relax and really think shit over before u commit to dipping your dick in chicks with this type of facial obstruction B.. the nerve to have stretch mark cream on her sink counter, bitch need to apply it to her face yo..

P.S. Shouts to @LVmyLOGO_JETS






Man WTF!?!?!?

..Fuck Nike They went with the version Blake wore on the top in the ASG instead of the samples on the Bottom..


..Didn't even include the colorful laces, Shit is wack now..


Dat Ass Right...But.

..Shorty look like the nigga that played Harry Potter in the Face Yo..




My Library.


Jewish Nigga, Wassup?!


Kim Kardashian Vendetta

..Somebody floured bombed that bitch yesterday on a red carpet..


..Either that or she Dressed up as a Stealth X..



iPhone 5 (Concept)

..Robo Muthafucking Cop..


P.S. Shouts to MrFreak76

Yeezy 2 = Postponed

..Postponed Indefinitely..


..No Longer Dropping 04/13/12..

..Pack your shit up and go home you fucking idiot ass hypebeasts..

..Fuck your tents..


Lebron 9 Elite "Pre-Heat"

..I need thoseeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

..I'm hearing these might drop 5/15/12 in Asia & 6/2/12 in the US..

..Might be HOH Exclusive..


P.S. Shouts to Envi