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Random Rambo.44

Wassssssuppppp, My Mannnnnnn

Fuck your dreams, this is reality nigga.

My Vacation and Birthday Weekend was fucking awesome, at this point in time I know your weekend wasn't better than mine, so I could give a fuck how yours was B.

You ever had Orange Juice so fucking tangy it make you squint your eyes, kinda hunch your back and tilt your head?

You ever want some good meat (Pause) go to Club A Steakhouse, Me and Wifey went, shit was insane.

I dead ass wanted to uppercut a cop horse this weekend

Ayo, why the fuck do restaurants give you soft ass room temperature bread and cold ass hard butter, that shit defeats the purpose.

You scoop some butter and try to spread on your bread by the time you done, bread is smushed or tore the fuck up, you dont even want that bitch no more

Real Talk, how we got dates for kicks in May but no got damn dates for them All Star Big Bang Kicks

I had the best sex ever this weekend

You ever get your dick rode so good, you forget about life?

Like your house could be burning the fuck down and a drive by shooting from guns the government got could be happening at the same time and not a single fuck is given because that shit feel so good?

Seriously, I need to ice my crotch yo, Wifey did a number on me

Man fuck those Red Foams yo, shit look like someone rubbed vaseline on them shits.

You a hoe ass hoe nigga, if I unfollow you on twitter by mistake and by the time I go back to follow you already unfollowed me

You ole sensitive, sniffling at the Notebook movie, you stole my girl, lace lined shirt wearing, drake lately ass nigga you

Nigga I could give 2 wild shits if you unfollow me, I don't get paid for the number of followers I have

You know watching some Comedy Movies from like 10 years ago, fucking's like the shit is so got damn outdated it's no longer as funny as when you seen it when it first dropped.

I hate Mark Ruffalo...I dunno why they made that nigga the Incredible Hulk in the new Avengers, I ever see him in person I'm stabbing him

You ever play fight with someone and feel the need to pull off some shit you saw in Wrestling, like a German Suplex or a Power Press Slam?

You ever had your dick rode so good, it feel like you just stuck your face out a window of a car going 93 mph?

Ain't nobody in they right mind wanna see the Star Wars Phantom Menace in 3D yo, seeing that shit once is fucking torture, so they want you to go back and see Jar Jar Binks in 3D now, eat a dick George Lucas

Speaking Of George Lucas, who the fuck said it was cool to play Dubstep during that trailer for Red Tails? nigga wasn't no electronic drum music out then in World War 2, you got damn idiot.

Chronicles will definitely be seen on Friday

You ever had your dick rode so good you involuntarily start praying?

I wanna throat karate chop someone when they just about to cross the street and they look left or right

I need those Kobe Big Bang's like yesterday

There is no reason for one male to smile when he sees his male friend walking up to him, I dont give a fuck how cordial a person is.

I have never smiled when I seen my boy walking up the block towards me to go cop some kicks, fuck I look like doing that?

My hair curly as all fucks right now, bout to do the Victor Cruz salsa dance in a minute

Why is it so hard for a sneakerhead to find great dress shoes, like we could have the flyest kicks, soon as we put on some dress shoes, them shits look doofy as fuck

You know you fucking your girl right, when you got her pinned down to the bed and she tries to headbutt you on purpose.

I've always wanted to do a precisely timed roundhouse kick to a dolphin as it jumps out the water.

So Expendables 2 will be rated PG-13 because Chuck Norris doesn't want any cursing in it, that nigga a Hoe.

I wanna beam a Rubix Cube at someone's right orbital bone

You dudes gotta stop saying "My Body is Ready" for shit yall anticipating, that shit sounds so extremely fucking bruno...say that shit outloud, there's no straight male on earth that doesn't feel slightly doo doo dungeon intrudish saying that.

I hate guys with small feet who actually wear women's sneakers.

You ever had your dick rode so good, you do the Sho Nuff "Who's the master" pose?

I am Def and I Thank You for your continued support!


What Kinda Shit?!?!?

..What in the major fuck is this shit B?!?!..


..Why is this nigga wearing a 1952 dress and a got damn Skully?!?!..

..You Father's out there need to Parent your got damn son's B..

..This type of fuckery isn't justifiable by any means..

..This the type of shit that ignorant mahfuckas beat up ppl for..



Come On B.

..This shit ain't even sanitary B..


..Ole hard back ass'd nigga..

..I'm pretty sure that's exactly how he ended up getting the way he look..

..sitting down playing video games all got damn day, big ass nerd..


Kill This Nigga

..Man My Girl Could Shoot a Better Free Throw Than This Shit..

..This nigga like 7'0 and shot the shit like 6 Feet from the rim..

..Ole Baby Armed ass nigga..

..Then his teammates gave him dap for that shit, SMH..

..Nigga if that was my teammate I'd a running clotheslined his hoe ass so hard he'd end up on his stomach..


Carlos Boozer Son is a Traitor Ass Bitch


..ooooohhh, I wish I caught my son cheering for another got damn team that I'm not on if I played sports..

..That nigga would be punished for 8 years and 2 days..

..I'd beat his lil ass with a engine belt, not a regular joint, cause his snitch traitor ass don't deserve the leather from the belt around my waist to his skin..

..Soon as we get home the scene would look like this..



This Nigga Still With This Shit...

..Man wtf is wrong with this nigga man..

..Nigga over here with the Pillsbury Doughboy Mascot Feet On..

..Jail seriously did some shit to this nigga man..

..Like how do you feel content with your well being slipping your feets into these shits..
(Yeah, I said feets)

..Real Shit, this nigga need his ass beat...


Hold The Fuck Up Son

..This dirty stank hoe dead ass on stage with no pad on singing..

..Got Blood and shit dripping down her got damn leg..

..What part of the game is that???!?!..


..Bitch dead ass got blood dripping into her got damn shoes..

..Hold up, is this bitch performing at a Church?!..


Vacation Rotation


Times Is Hard B

..Got Damn Man, I know the lockout is over but this nigga Bron riding bikes to the game B..


..Fuck this nigga doing on one of them Toys R Us hanging from the ceiling Mongoose Bikes Yo?!?..

..This nigga decked out in gear like he been doing this shit to..


Dunks Of The Year... So Far


..But Yo Fam Jumped Over The Nigga..

..Like the nigga didnt even open his legs like Vince did..

..Nigga straight Bunny Hopped over niggas skin fade and dunked it B..

..I give it to Blake, cause his was defended, but just simply jumping over niggas is no bullshit either..



Birthday Vacation.


..I'm officially on Vacation for the week..

..I will be back on 01/31/12..


..Be Safe, Everyone!..



Where The Fuck Is Mizzee?

..What in the Muthfucka?..

..Please Get As Far As The Fuck Outta Here...


..You know what, fuck this shoe..

..Shit is fucking garbage..

..I dont even care about seeing the rest..

..I can't even fathom the mathematics it takes for brain cells to muster the thought of doing this dumb shit..

..Where the fuck is Mizzee, these other niggas doing custom jobs are clowns b..

..Did yall see that fucking Dinosaur Foamposite Max Nonsense?..

(Is that a yellow rubber ducky on the side?)

..Fucking Comedy..



Daniel Aliff - Predatory Linguistics

..Homey's shit is poppin..

P.S. Shouts to @DanielAliff


..You got some explaining to do nigga..



Come On Man.

..What in the great amounts of fucks is this fuckery?!..


..Y'all niggas just gon put platforms on yall jordans right?..

..This nigga got on Twilight Vampire Pants too yo..

..Nigga's out here taking it back to the 70's b..

..What in the hell would coerce a nigga to do this type of shit..


..These niggas done took customization to a whole other level b..



..Can't get through that hallway cause of her ass B..




..Jordan Brand Sucks..


P.S. Shouts to @JumpmanBostic

This Nigga Mad!


..LMFAO @ Nobody even moving, fam stayed in his snuggie, like fuck this nigga talking to?!..


Public Enemy #1 = Kyle Williams

..So after fumbling a Punt Return and letting another hit his knee..

..Niggas in SF Wanted to merk this nigga..

..Damn If Looks Could Kill, that nigga would be dead..


That Nigga's Soft

Kobe Bryant : Man!, This guy's soft man

Mike Brown : I know, I hear You

Kobe Bryant : Fucking Pau's Soft!




Jackass Of the Day

..Only Dumb Remedial Bruno Fucks Lick their Soles..


..I don't know if I should clown the fact that he looks 30 and doing that..

..His fucking Eyebrows..

..Or that piece of shit handtowel like hoodie he has on..

..Nigga, you suck..

P.S. Shouts to @NamedAngel



P.S. Don't ask me because I'm not telling..



Drake-The Motto (REMIX) ft. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Freddie Gibbs, Tyga, YG, Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle & Snoop Dogg

..9:18 Though..




..Nike Air Max Posite Bakin Boot..


Yeah Okay.

..WTF is a "LIMITED General Release"..


..General to Employees, Limited to Customers more like it..


Air Jordan VI "Olympic"


..Dropping : 07/2012..
..Msrp : $160..
..Style # : 384664-130..


We So Ready...

..Lil Pre Birthday Celebration Ingredients With The Misses..


& in the future...



..Man of many Talents..