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..Man What?..


..TF is this nigga smoking? Keyboard Dirt?..

..Homeless nigga out here on his COD Gillie Suit Wave..

..Why is this mans hand so big?, over there looking like a black Hellboy..

..Ole Dirty Dee from Pootytang ass nigga B..

..Nigga is that Newspaper and a cheetah vest?!!?..

..I see this nigga coming B, I'm out like the muthafucking Dickens my dude..

P.S. Shouts to The Moniker


Anonymous said...

That dude is a gigantic creep... He's always at canal st train station harassing women. My girl told me he said some foul shit to her.. Next time I see him I'm throwing a Lit Match at his ass word is Bon

Deftronic said...

are u serious????

Anonymous said...

For a second i thought it was Trinidad James