Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


This The Shit I Be Talking Bout.

..I Can't..


..Y'all Thirsty Niggas be giving these social network hoes to much confidence..

..Few years ago a bitch wouldnt dare take a pic in a room with a got damn cardboard box as a TV Stand..

..Shit got loose packing tape hanging off the side and shit..

..This bitch fitted sheet coming off the got damn bed..

..But y'all niggas will go crazy over these bitches and now they posting with zero fucks..

..Half yall niggas would still fuck though..

..You know why? cause y'all some bum ass all black low cut forces with joker jeans rocking ass bum bitch liking ass faggots..

..Fuck this bitches interior decorator my nigga..



Anonymous said...

That's DamnEricka!?! #Weak

Deftronic said...

no its not.