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That Hype.

..So this was the BREDXI ticket line at Hilltop Mall..

..Thats Expected..


..What in the muthafuck is this nigga doing on the line?!..


..Man which one of you niggas done put they great grandfather in the bred line?!..

..You niggas have no chill..

..Nigga up on a line for hours with no dentures in..

..Couldnt even give the nigga his lil walker seat thing..

..Ain't even break the old nigga off with a cane or nothing..

..Ole no morals having ass young niggas out here..

..That nigga prolly done forgot what the fuck he on line for, nigga Alzheimer's kicked in and shit..

..That shit aint cool B..

P.S. Shouts to @FilthyDripped


Anonymous said...

Come on son

We all know that's grandpa tronic

Quit frontin

SoleEstiLo said...

Dawg.....FUCK THIS?..what is this??? smh