Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Stop It 5.

..You niggas have no fucking chill..


..Fat niggas making shoes for fat niggas now..

..Fucking Pizza Foams, is you niggas serious?..

..Nobody in they right fucking mind would cop this shit, Nobody..

..Niggas who make pizza's for a living wouldn't rock this shit.

..Y'all dudes need to get all the fucking way outta here B..

..Bad enough BrunoBoys got them Pink Foams..

..You out here serving these dick monsters Skittle foams now..

..Think shit is cute over there sprinkling Skittles all around the shoe..

..You need to take your Martha Stewart ass somewhere with this shit..
..Got Glitter and Pixie Dust shit on it

..Shoe look like a gay night club during Rave night..

..You glowstick twirling ass customizers need to be dealt with..

P.S. Shouts to @Champagnekidd

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