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Pink Foams & Their Slow Destruction of Civilization By Deftronic

..I knew this would happen..


..When I first saw that these were indeed dropping, I was like cool a Foamposite for girls or a Foam for Breast Cancer Awareness, Nice..

..The bruno's in loose bootyville were already planning their celebration..


..Weeks before drop date I seen two gay dudes fighting and one was wearing pink foams (he won)..

..Scientific studies have been proven, that Pink Foams adds about 7.2% strength to Slaps from a Gay Hand..

..Then slowly but surely, I saw a plethora of dudes I thought who were of the Manly kind, slowly spewing vile notions of Faggotry, saying they wanted them, saying I need to get these because they have to do with Cancer Awareness..

..Nigga, these shoes have nothing to do with Breast Cancer Awareness at fucking all, nothing...there's no Kay Yow symbol, these didn't drop in the breast cancer awareness month of October, proceeds didn't go to no foundation or nothing, you dumb shits..

..I seen girls call a dude a faggot for wearing them..

..Bitches don't even wanna be hugged by niggas rocking pink foams..

..Niggas out here with solid pink shirts on and shit..
..Nigga got on 1980 rock star jeans with the cuts and fucking black spandex underneath..


..I thought that was Prince for a minute..

..Nigga are those yoga pants?..

..Niggas so caught up in the rapture, they doing lace swaps in order to slightly protect their manhood, but you still a fuckboy little do you know..
..There is no fucking justification, You Wild Bruno if you got them Pink Foams, I dont care what you say nigga..

..the youth have been corrupted by Gaydom..


..They have even spawned gangs of Brunoboys..
..Don't be fooled the one in the Pink Foams is the leader..

..Be Aware, if you see a nigga wearing Pink Foams, especially if they are latin, please cross the street and stay away..

..You've Been Warned..



Anonymous said...

educate these damn kids def

Michael Branch said...

those Foams in the middle look fake as ALL THE FUCK.

Anonymous said...

Can you address grown men wearing pink shoes in general? The Brunoism has to stop!

Papi said...

Cakes boys are all around us now. I never knew that the hood would go gay one day SMH.

Anonymous said...

these niggas softer then a baby thigh b

Anonymous said...

The world is ending fo real!

Anonymous said...

this nigga Chamillionaire got rocked by the gay boy. why the nigga with the pink shirt looking like Cameo?
i could see pink foams in this video


Anonymous said...

lol oh def u had to write in pic huh lol these babies born in 88 and up are fucked lol

Anonymous said...

bruh niggas in the first pic prolly showin each other there dicks n shit

Anonymous said...

Shout out to all the real niggas that stopped buying foams after the metallic reds dropped

Anonymous said...

youre a dumb ass bitch. Why are you so concerned about what the next man puts on his feet? I'm going to take an educated guess and assume youre the only faggot in your gang of booty bandits that didn't get a pair so youre mad at everyone who does. Go suck some major dick and get paid enough to cop a pair you homo

Deftronic said...

its comedy, relax.