Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Man, Look

..I don't find this shit attractive..


..Like at fucking all..

..I need a bitch who thighs touch..

..I can't fuck with skinny ass no thighs ass bitches my dude..

..Bitch got a 3 inch gap between her legs and she standing straight up..

..Looking like that monster bitch at the end of Quarantine..

..Out here trying to fuck a bitch shaped like a mannequin ain't poppin to me..

..Them shorts is fucking trash..

..Ladies, If I tap your ass in a upward direction and it don't jiggle, your life ain't bout shit, you should just stay in shadows or roam at night like around 3:12am, when most niggas ain't out and about hoe..

..This shit is repulsive..


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Anonymous said...

Honestly if she has a pretty face that's enough for me. I'm not sayin I fuck anorexic bitches but as long as she not fuckin malnourished and she pretty, she good with me