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I Muthafucking Hate Captions.

..Look at this fuck ass shit..


..I cant stand sneakerhead captions B..

..These shits are so fucking immature and stupid..

..Nigga rocking Galaxy's gonna caption his shit with "My Swag is outta space"..

..Nigga rocking Thunder IV's said "There's Thunderstorms in the Forecast"..

..Nigga really?..

..Look at this one..

..Man What?..


..Y'all caption sneakerniggas need yall ass beat B..

P.S. Shouts to @FrancoisKilljoy


mr. childs 2 said...


BoholstWife said...

He can dress how ever he wants,his face will always be ugly. Too harsh? This blog makes the mean me shine through.haha

Anonymous said...

I just realized how corny posting captions are with sneaker pics. I ain't gonna lie, I was always trying to come up with something fly to say cause I figured it'd make me look cool; I even felt cool, but that shit just kills the pic and embarrassingly makes you look all sorts of child-like retardation in the mental state. Thanks for the eye opener though.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, that's that cornball DJ Proto J from Niketalk posing.

Deftronic said...

nigga who?