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Fuck U Mean is it Normal?

..Bitch What?!..


..The fuck you mean is it Normal?..

..Nigga anything that come out your own body ain't normal to eat..

..You Cannibalistic ass bitch..

..Over here, letting shit drop out your yum yum into your got damn hand..

..The fuck is wrong with you??..

..The fuck is your mother at, B?..

..I need to have a sit down with that unaware ass bitch..

..Over there, licking your pad like its left over cake batter in a bowl..

..This bitch gotta be from North Dakota, only niggas with no human life around them do fuck shit like this B..



SoCalChica said...

Omg i couldnt read the rest of it, i was so grossed out.

Anonymous said...

wtfffffff lmao so nastyyy! i didnt even know they clotted ? im gonnna barffff

Anonymous said...

"Letting shit drop out your yum yum"!!! I'm dyin over here man! Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Nasty as fuck!

Anonymous said...

Nasty af!

Anonymous said...