Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Fuck Is This?

..Nigga, What?..


..We just out here making shit the fuck up?..

..Like these niggas done made they own fucking box..

..These Asian bootleg niggas is not playing games up in this muthafucka..

..These nigs made a box with a lil pully strap on the shit..

..Done conjured up some Black DB 9's, the shit come with extra laces and some hangtag shit that don't even look like the shoe its on..

..Then the bitch tried to wipe off piece of extra thread like it was lint..

..Nigga the sole ain't even got the red and green..

..This man Randy gang is deep B..

..Why these shits look like house slippers?..

..Son, look at that box..

..Shit look like a little kid took a marker and just stabbed it up..

..These bootleg niggas give zero fucks..



julio martinez said...

Jordan 6 RERO.. LMAO

Anonymous said...

jordan 6 "RERO" doe lmaooooo

Anonymous said...

oh god does she not see and hear all the shit im hearing and seeing. fuck girls and kix is a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

normally i'd just laugh at that but it's disappointing to see the number of people in the comments giving her suggestions on how to make the next batch closer to the authentic pairs