Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


BREDXI & Their Slow Destruction of Hispanic Civilization.

..I saw it coming..


..I saw my latin niggas wilding for respect trying to get these Black and Red XI's, calling them Black and Red Space Jams, "them Black and Red Concords"...

..Mi Gente was slowly getting sucked into the vortex of the Hype..

..What I didn't know was once acquiring the shoe and having Instagram at their disposal, they would end up looking like a bunch of dumb muthafuckas..


..Where in the fuck did the abbreviation for Black and Red turn into a muthafucking food?..


..Nigga the shoe isn't even inspired after the shit, it isnt even the color of it..

..Show me some Black Red and White Bread, Fucking Maricon..

..I know us as Latins growing up ain't have it good, some nights we ain't eat good, but come on primo..

(Bitch named Enid, said "clever"..really puta?!)


..Like this ain't just one person doing this shit..its multiple niggas taking pics with a got damn sneaker like its food..

..Wait, it gets worse, the Destruction escalates into other realms of fuckness..

..This fucking Marica, nigga butt naked in his bed making out with his kicks..

.."Knocking the Sneakers"..

..Man please get the fuck outta here my dude..


..Then This Shit Happened..


..Us spanish niggas keep losing, we need to change..

P.S. Shouts to @_DerekF, @MARK_gomez, @ZimSANITY, & @Yung_Fun3rvl


Anonymous said...

el idiots lol

Anonymous said...

Hispanics out here making me not even wanna wear them shits

Anonymous said...

LMAOOOO I can't breath!

xNastyNatex said...

fucking deattttth. holy fuck

Papi said...

As a Hispanic, I disapprove of what my race is doing and apologize ahead of time of their stupidity.