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After Earth (Trailer + Def Trailer Review)

..Bruh I aint even gonna lie, this shit look type good..

..Lil faggot ass Jaden look like a G in this movie..

..Lil birdchest ass nigga swinging a bamboo double sided staff or some shit..

..Out there looking like a Homo Black Robin..

..I dunno about him getting chased by Ceaser from Planet of the Apes, but it look aight..

..That part where he like catching a facial from the snow look type bruno..

..This dude Will Smith, looking real stressed in the face and shit..

..That nigga look old as fuck, he got that 1950's type face now..

..This shit is directed by M Night Shallaballahyperpositemahan..

..The Indian nig that made that fuck ass Last Airbender movie..

..He been on a trash streak, if this movie ain't a hit, he might as well pack his fucking bags & put the camera down B..

..This nigga ain't had a crack movie since Unbreakable, and that was 12 years ago..

..The Village was tight too, but that shit took too got damn long for the twist..

..Street Niggas ain't got all that attention span for shit like that

..Anyway, How this nigga still got a pass in Hollywood is beyond me..

..From the trailer shit look like a light 6 out of 10..



Anonymous said...

20 bucks Will Smith dies in the movie

SoCalChica said...

i laughed so hard at the m night shabbaouefoif part. i dont even try to pronounce it.

Anonymous said...

First few seconds I was like, "The Smiths in another movie together? These niggas bout to mak..." Then Will gets sucked out of the scene. Jaw hit the floor and stayed there till he showed up again. Say what you want bout Jaden, but you can't deny, you got Smith, you're gonna blow up in some kind of way.