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WTF's? from the Storm

.."I need them new foams I'll be right back"..

.."I got them Jay's though"..

..Nigga deadass in a wifebeater, looking like he came back from shopping..

..He not wearing no type of rain shit, just walking nonchalantly with zero fucks given..



..How in the hell did a got damn trampoline end up in the power lines B?..


..Niggas done blacked out, B..


..Fam out here Tokyo drifting in a got damn storm..



Abraham stinkin said...

Wholetime im just tryna get sum dread wax for mah pubes. But niggas over here hatin. Smfh

BoholstWife said...

During Hurricane Katrina, our trampoline flew over a the fence then over houses then all the way on the other side of the neighborhood. wind is some crazy and power shit. I have pictures and videos of all the craziness. I need to look at them and reflect on life and what I survived.