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What The Shit?!

..What in the imaginary animalistic shit is this??!?!!?!?..


..Im 94.5% sure that nigga Jeremy Scott had a hand in this..

..You really gon have chicks out here looking like the Faun from Pan's Labyrinth?!?!..

..Bad enough these hoes got horse hair in their hair, now you giving them animal feet?..

..Walking round with a bitch and her feet clippity clopping and shit..

..I ever see my bitch rocking this shit, I'll action bolt rifle snipe her ass out them shoes..

P.S. Shouts to Illmatic826


BoholstWife said...

why the fuck would we want to look like a fucking horse or some weird shit. making a woman look like her momma fuck a damn horse.i can hear the woman wearing this making that horse clanging sound while walking.damn this is the stupidest shit i have ever seen.interesting post,lol

Anonymous said...