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..What in all fucks is this?..


..Niggas got panties for feet now?..

..What fucking purpose in life does this serve?..

..Talking bout don't mind your feet, Bitch looka here..

..Foot looking like it's doing the Tiger Claw, Eagle Crane hand move up in chea..

..But please can anyone tell why in the muthafucka is there drawls for feet now?..

P.S. Shouts to @jonparker215


justinp said...

this concept is fucked up. stupid stupid shit.

Anonymous said...

lmao i saw my sister wearing those shits the other day. apparently they're for dancers and has some sort of padding underneath them so they won't get blisters on that part of the foot which is used a lot. crazy. but her feet are beyond disgusting

Anonymous said...

i think its for dancing def lol shit looks stupid as fuck tho lol