Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


This Fuck Boy.

..This bird chest ass nigga mayne..


..WTF is up with this 2 different jordan shit man..

..Talking bout he got a gucci belt and got boxes of bullshit piled up in his room..

..The fuck is your priorities at my G..

..Should take that belt off and whip the shit outta ur face with it..

..Why this nigga got a open box of plastic gloves in his bedroom for?..

..Creepy Nigga..

P.S. I forgot who sent me this...hit me up for credit.


Anonymous said...

just come back to instagram pimpin post shit once a week make comments sneaker talk whatever lol u gained more followers for not even being on get back on and show us some heat

Anonymous said...

lol peep that pic of him with the helmet on in the to the short bus pops.