Biters of : Bradley Toran (Facebook), ProperPapa (Instagram)


Them Olives.

..WTF at that leather?..


..That shit look like handball rubber..

..The fuck kinda bullshit leather is that?..

..Nigga is that Lycra?..

..Shoe look like Jordan's Thighs coming out some compression shorts..

..That shit look like it feels like a mousepad..

..Walking around with leather on my J's that look like Meek Mill's skin..

..Kicks made out of the Undertakers Gloves and shit..

..Super Steve Nash Pass..



Anonymous said...

i dont think you can even call that leather, without laughing...

Anonymous said...

just get the damn shoe man you don't look back and say damn shoulda got the shoes

Deftronic said...

i never wanted them to begin with....

davecuh said...

i've seen fitteds with better leather than that lol

MG1 said...

For whatever reason I'm feeling those "Gym Reds".