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..Nigga the fuck kinda santa is this?..


..Mahfucka dead ass got on some Electric Blue foams with his Santa costume..

..Nigga you couldn't at least rock the metallic reds??, least make shit look a lil more believable for the lil kids and shit..

..Fam has no chill whatsoever, zero fucks was given about them kids upbringing..


..Now you gon lil niggas running up to me and asking me for shit when I rock my Electric Blue foams cause you got them over here thinking Santa rocks foamposites and shit..

..This why the world so fucked up today..

..Fuck This..

P.S. Shouts to @BlindedByLust


Anonymous said...

Word or at least the cough drops, but isn't santa supposed to wear boots anyway? Their childhood is ruined lls

Anonymous said...

this was at my high school lol i remember this day