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Random Rambo.55

Ayo, I'm bout to wild out, excuse me for I am about to display an abundant amount of utter ignorance, bitch

First off Fuck Lance Armstrong, I never did like that bike riding, duke from GI Joe looking mahfucka anyway

You stupid fucks haven't realized it's Cinemagram and not cinegram yet?

Y'all coons always out here trying to make shit sound like Cereal.

Speaking of cereal can anyone explain to me, why the fuck did stores stop selling Eggo Cereal?

I wanna slap the dogshit out of a Ostrich, just karate chop that mahfucka when it ain't looking

Scuff mark on some fresh J's > Mark Sanchez

Doernbecher IX.

If you don't like me, why the fuck are you on my site? It don't make you feel like a real good sturdy hoe directing your browser to my site knowing you don't like me? You're a slave to my greatness

You ain't live life until you physically tear panties off a bitch

If a bitch serve you dinner on a paper plate, she a hoe.

Nigga I'm so disappointed in both the candidates for this year's Presidential race, I'm bout to vote for Drake.

If you wear any jewelry that's made out of wood, you a bitch ass nigga.

Any Sanchez that waits outside Home Depot > Mark Sanchez

Son, I wanna see that movie Lincoln, but Steven Spielberg has no fucking chill and don't know how to end his movies at a good time, all his movies be like 3 hours and 45 minutes, no real nigga got time to be sitting in some fucking theater sitting still watching some shit, unless its a Jet Li Vs Donnie Yen Vs Tony Jaa Vs the nigga from the Raid tag team fight.

Man fuck Paul Pierce and anybody that love em.

Drinking Soda out of a 20 oz bottle with a straw is so fucking faggoty B.

Stop retweeting these titty and ass out hoes on twitter, you giving em too much confidence, then they expect every nigga to be on they knees for them.

I swear let a twitter hoe not get one retweet off a booty pic, they'd fucking commit suicide or start going to church every Sunday then on in.

Fuck Polo caps, them shits wrinkle in one wear.

Walking Dead season 3 is fucking crack so far, Rick is a got damn Triple OG now and Carl done transformed from being a bitch boy to a lil beast.

Anybody who went to see Alex Cross on Friday and isn't a homosexual has no pride, you one of the most bitchmade human beings in the existence of movie goers

Females with no undercarriage ass cheek crease deserve no love, you deserve no attention, and you deserve to live in a dark locked room.

Females, If your titties sagging and you under 25, just call it a fucking day, don't leave your house and don't walk pass any fucking windows that aren't covered by blinds or curtains that would allow us to even catch a glimpse of you.

Any bitch who has sex while wearing socks, she a hoe.

If I ever get ready to smash a bitch and she leaves her socks on, my dick will feel the ultimate disrespect, I will then get re-dressed, go through her purse, steal her credit card and go to flight club.

Nigga I want some cinnamon roll pancakes, anybody know where to cop some in NYC.

That Chief Keef song Love Sosa, is prolly the "worst-good" song I've ever heard...that shit catchy but it's also terrible, the nigga said "Be Cool Like Water"

We need more people who do this sneaker shit for the love of it, not for facial fame, you niggas getting all dressed up, getting haircuts and shit to do your sneaker reviews...No Disrespect, but I seen a image of a dude doing a vid from a got damn boat sitting in a lake...chill with all that's about the shoe, people search on youtube by the shoe name, not by your lifestyle.

Its about the shoe, not you.

I'll holla mahfucka.



joshua chamberlain said...

rule #1. you dont talk about fight club

Anonymous said...

Rule #1. you dont talk about fight club

joshua chamberlain said...

Rule #1:you dont talk about fight club

Anonymous said...

My nigga.......mark sanchez is so trash bruh nigga got me so mad during that game SMFH

Deftronic said...

I said flight club... Not fight club

xNastyNatex said...

lol love sosa my shit, you right it's the wrost good song. catchy af.

BoholstWife said...

cinnamon roll pancakes,i am making this today for my hubby...i like making his mouth way to keep a man happy is his stomach...we dont have to say what else would keep a man happy...its already known.

@FlintWolf said...

You ain't live life until you physically tear panties off a bitch >>>

greatest statement of 2012.

RelFuego said...

fuck walking dead that shit is trashy, breaking bad is what you need to watch