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Random Rambo.54

I'm writing this from my bathroom.

Yes, I'm tying to fire a wild doo doo missile at the moment

I hate when a nothing close to sexy bitch, wears very sexy clothing

If you ask me a question that starts with "Why Ain't..." Do You Be Got...or "When Do That..." Please know I will never ever answer you.

Don't you hate when you gotta shit right after a got damn shower?

FYI, if your GF/Wife don't swallow, she don't love you.

Verizon Fios is the shit.

Certain Music you don't blast loud from ur whip in the hood... "Elton John - Im still standing" is definitely one of them.

Is it me or does Kanye West look outright depressed and out of place in 94.3% of his pictures?

FYI, if your GF/Wife never let's you nut on her, she don't love you.

I want a DVR box that skips commercials

The most worthless shit ever in the history of shit parents think their kids like, is them stupid ass vehicle rides that be outside stores for like 50 cents

Kids this generation got so much cool shit, you think a stationery plane that rumbles back and forth is gonna excite them?, Nigga please, fuck 50 cents, I'll shake the shit out of them and throw em into the middle of street for less

I wanna roundhouse kick the shit out of a kid while they ride past me on a tricycle

If you ain't never picked a bitch up with one arm and swung her onto the bed, you aint living life right

I hate niggas who post pics on the net be all happy bout acquiring a shoe and then next month you see them selling the same shoe.

Niggas be buying whats hyped, just to say they have it, then end up selling it off just to buy some new hyped shit.

If the first thing I see when I come over your house is a can of raid on the counter, I'm not coming in.

FYI, if your GF/Wife, holds your nut in her mouth and goes to the bathroom to spit it out, she don't love you.

You ain't bout shit if you never gave or plan to give your children frosted strawberry pop tarts

If I ever serve my child unfrosted strawberry pop tarts, I'll give them a Free kick me in the nuts pass

I wanna break an ironing board over a mule's back.

I think mule's are pointless animals, they don't do shit but carry baskets of vegetables and fruits around in hot international countries.

FYI, if your GF/Wife never let you smash raw even just for 5 pumps, she don't love you.

The next muthafucka I see eating a personal pie pizza, I'm a spit on their food.

I hate personal pie pizza's, saying that shit outloud sounds like some creepy introverted type shit, like no one can see or talk about this shit cept the eater, then you get a pepperoni joint and its like one pepperoni per slice, fuck a personal pie pizza

FYI, if your GF/Wife never played with your balls, she don't love you.

If you ain't never slapped a random chick's ass while she casually walks by you in the street, you haven't fully lived life

If you put ice in your milk, I'm a automatically assume you own an advanced copy of Drake's greatest non-rapping hits on your Ipod and you like to be punched in the face.

Why Michael Jordan eyes look like yellowed ice soles?

Females, If for any reason when you wear spandex and it's baggy around the ass area, don't leave your house and change clothes, that doesn't mean change clothes and THEN you can come out, that means take them fucking spandex off, change clothes and stay in your fucking room forever, bitch, don't come out to pee, nothing.

I wanna beam a roll of toilet tissue at someone's nose so hard it breaks in two places.

Next time ur in a supermarket, check two aisles over to see if it's crowded, go two aisles away and throw a roll a paper towel over the aisles and listen close for people's's hilarious

The only homosexual I still dislike is Paul Pierce

FYI, if you GF/Wife turns down Hand Sanitizer while y'all out in the street, she don't love you.

I swear niggas with braids or baby dreads are equivalent to the cast of Book of Eli, let em go.

Seriously, who the fuck let Xzibit into a studio to record a full length album, do niggas care about losing money?

That Gangnam Style nigga needs to be dealt with, I dunno where this nigga came from or what his status is with the Tri-ads, this nigga need to be slapped like Sanna Lathan did in the Family That Preys movie, I'm talking a right handed slap so viscious my nigga, when the slap movement is over you end up hitting the left side of your ribs

FYI, if your GF/Wife has never teeth scraped your dick, she a hoe.



BIGED said...

that x cd really isnt that bad. the song with crooked i is dope.. better than i thiught it would be.. CANT WAIT FOR WU BLOCK AND MAN WITH IRON FIST OST

BIGED said...

that x cd really isnt that bad. the song with crooked i is dope.. better than i thought it would be.. CANT WAIT FOR WU BLOCK AND MAN WITH IRON FIST OST

jaefive said...

great way to start my morning.

Anonymous said...

funny shit as always

Anonymous said...

"I'm talking a right handed slap so viscious my nigga, when the slap movement is over you end up hitting the left side of your ribs"

I'm about to go start some shit at work just to try this!
Cold blooded

Anonymous said...

Ok fam we get it your wifey is a cum slore

Anonymous said...

Lmao. Ice with milk. Da fuq and i plan on smacking a random chick ass in the streets. I'm about that shit lmao

Deftronic said...

Dont be mad your girl hasn't teeth scraped you fam...

Anonymous said...

I wanna break an ironing board over a mule's back. lmaoooo

Anonymous said...

hahaha she defiantly dont love u if she denies the hand sanitizer

Anonymous said...

Your wifey sounds like a hoe

We don't wife hoes son

Deftronic said...

Who the fuck is "we"? you have no following, nobody knows you

2nd, where in this entire post did i mention MY girlfriend, fiancee, or wife?.

are you assuming, that me randomly saying stuff about a females action directly means that im basing this off my girlfriend?

are u a fucking idiot or are you a fucking idiot?

Anonymous said...

'We' me and you nigga we don't wife no hoes

So if your wifey didn't do all that then she don't love you son

Either way she a hoe..

And we don't my nigga we just don't.

Deftronic said...

There ain't We, I don't know you... you saying me and you sound gay as fuck, ontop of u already saying you don't wife females...

U sound like a fucking idiot. Like the shit I said above you wouldn't want ur main chick doing. That's why dumb niggas get a bitch, she refuse to do shit, so u find another who does, cheat, get caught and she gets half... Upgrade ur life B.

Ur girl ain't a hoe if ur the only one she doing. Grow up my nigga

Convo over.

Anonymous said...

Emotional little bitch nigga taking shit all serious either yr wifey don't do them things and don't love you and your the hoe...or she does and she's a hoe

Either way fail.

Always having tantrums seriously u act mad female

Don't be mad at me just cos ur wife a hoe based on your own philosophy dumb nigga!

U won't post this cos u a bitch son

Deftronic said...

Didn't I tell you this convo was over?

U the dumb nigga on a site multiple times a day done by a nigga u think is dumb.

Shit u up on my masterpiece at 7:30am I'm the first thing on ur mind; I practically own you

Now stfu, type everyday, get my views up, make my $, sit back relax & watch me work like ur accustomed to lil nigga

Anonymous said...

What's a couple views to nigga can u please remind me??

I'm not in the states so calm down frail nigga ain't no one checking ur shit those times smh

I know u ain't posting that cos u a bitch talking about convo over and all this female shit so it only right u don't post this to complete ur bitch persona lmao!!

BoholstWife said...

you said...If you ask me a question that starts with "Why Ain't..." Do You Be Got...or "When Do That..." Please know I will never ever answer you.
.....what about when people say...well if it makes you feel better....,why the fuck telling me your drama will make me feel also...why the visual of you shitting and writing to us on your blog? crazy,lol

Deftronic said...

Lmao I know right, like I don't wanna hear that nonsense I'm already doing bad, & I dunno man this post is actual random shit...when I get the urge I just start writing random stuff out

Anonymous said...

DEF is dude getting all hyped up and bent out of shape cuz he found out his girl doesn't love him!?

Zach Meese said...

We all know Def is a bitch. You dont keep havin to argue with him. He lives in a fantasy world.

Deftronic said...

I dunno man, people get to intertwined with shit, thinking anything people say is actually factual and not built off simply trying to make people laugh

the most faggot bitch, self-demeaning shit you could ever do is still support a person you don't like...if I dont like someone I'm not gonna still support their shit everyday of my life, you make yourself look like the only basically let that person know they are so fucking good at what they do, no matter how upset they made you, you're still gonna come back and view their work, like a hooker always comes back to their pimp give em their money even when they slap em around

Total Ownage.

Zach Meese said...

Yea you are good, good at bein a bitch.