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Omarion X Bet Hip-Hop Awards



..This nigga Omarion dead ass ran on stage and did this shit during Rick Ross performance B..

..I deadass for a second thought this nigga was pulling a lil Mama..

..O moving around like Yoshimitsu from Tekken 1 and shit..

..Nigga look like he just got shot by Max in Max Payne 1..

..So I just figured out that Omarion is the QWOP track race running man..

..Im Dead..



urbancomedynetwork said...

That was funny still. Omarion needs to sit his ass down. Reminded me of another funny Epic BET Censorship Fail -

Anonymous said...

LMAO Rotflmaoooo @O moving around like Yoshimitsu from Tekken 1 and shit..


Anonymous said...

Nigga was dancing like he just finished sniffing that white lmao

Anonymous said...

that niigga need to chill. he was in fast foward 600x or some shit like if he was late

xNastyNatex said...


Anonymous said...

"This one's for Lil Saint!"

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do Omarion got on them dexter's laboratory boots