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Knicks Lost Again



..WTF is up with the Knicks?..

..Y'all signing a bunch of weird ass metrosexual fuckboys..

..Look at this tall goofy gay nigga y'all..

..This nigga pants so tight it's about to tear his ACL..

..I thought he had on half a scuba suit at first..

..Nigga over here with a Wimpy's from Popeye hat on and shit..

..You could just tell this nigga was really into it, look how hard he dribbling the ball, the shit got his chain flying everywhere..

..First this shit..

..Now that..

..This season gonna be a fucking disaster..

P.S. Shouts to @JonasThePrince


Anonymous said...

yea the do fail but the team lineup actually looks decent

Anonymous said...

This nigga pants so tight it's about to tear his ACL....*DEAD*

justinp said...

this motherfucker be looking like the wiz album cover you posted up a while back.