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Come On Ye.



..Ye my nigga I hate had to be him..

..Out here dressed like a 86 year old..

..Kim fucking up my dude's Feng Shui..

..Looking like a Cuban cigar and shit..

..Nigga over there dressed like Rorschach from Watchmen..

..Is it me or does that coat make him look like he 4'2?..



Anonymous said...

Ole Go Go inspecter gadget In the coat ass nigga. Kim got this man lookin like a old italian dectetive... Ole sherlock holmes lookin ass. Nigga wearin a beige peacaot.. I'm out!!

Anonymous said...

Tell me y ye look like he bouta walk east and pray to muhammad.

Anonymous said...

Nigga ye is a fashion god ... Don't nobody say shit about your baggy ass jeans you be wearing thinking you cool lmaoooo I swear you a fucking clown

Deftronic said...

"Ye is a fashion God"

NIGGA WHAT?! don't u ever say no gay shit like that outloud to another nigga for as long as you live you strong in the face faggot

Don't nobody say shit Cuz they ain't gay like you... are u stupid or are you stupid?

Gtfoh with ur insecurities of faggotry, calling one man a fashion god, then gonna tell another man he thinks he's is wrong with you?! Man I cant