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Random Rambo. 43

What it is my mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?!?!?

Ayo first things first if you ask for a blanket on a plane, you a chewy cookie type soft ass hoe

This concord shit is ridiculous

Only time I'm ripping a door off the hinges is if I hear Kim Kardashian and Emily from Love and Hip Hop sexing each other up through the door B

Imagine me acting a got damn fool for some mahfucking kicks, I ain't bout that life.

My nigga at the spot, let a shorty get a pair early just to get her number and he smashed!

Real talk, when is Lebron gonna let his hairline go B?

Fuck he gonna do after that shit go further back? rock a fitted made of out sweatband material on the court?

What would make a grown man ask the girl he talking to her BF's dick size yo?

Nigga, I don't even ask a bitch about her thoughts on the Autobiography of Malcolm X

You see what I did right there?

So my New Years Resolution is to only purchase 5 pairs of kicks in 2012.

I want to test myself and see how Disciplined I am against something I love so dearly

I think I'm built enough to slap grease out of Chuck Norris.

I wanna ride a Tiger and chase down a cop while he's riding horseback and fuck both of them up

64 box count of Crayons is overrated, nobody even needs that many Crayons yo, kids just want that shit to feel superior to the kids with a 8 box count.

I'm a teach my kids how to draw some Van Gogh type shit and then tell them, nigga they got 64 to make up for their lack of creativity, that shit don't mean nothing if you can't draw son

I used to break kids crayon and put em back in the box when they weren't looking, they pull that shit out and it be like half a inch of crayon

I want that BMW from the Mission Impossible movie.

My friends always ask me "Why do you never date black girls"...I reply the same reason "You never date hot girls"

I notice when I talk about my shorty on twitter, I lose like 3-5 female followers

I sincerely hope my chick knows she's getting her vaginal area fucked up on Friday.

Y'all niggas really gotta stop giving kicks Nicknames yo, that shit makes the price rise by $100

Ain't nobody give two fucks bout a Kevin Durant shoe when it was simply name "Road Colorway"...but now the shit get a name like "Weatherman" all of sudden his shit is super hot fire.

I haven't got a haircut since 11/08/11, hair curly as all shit, I look like the only Puerto Rican right now.

What the fuck is up with niggas at Dunkin Donuts putting Frosted Donuts face down in the got damn bag, if I want a plain donut I'd order one you simpleton fuck

I hope the next nigga that licks the sole of his brand new sneaker, gets sore throat because someone tried the shoe on in the store hours before they copped

Thank you for your continued support broke 1,500,000 hits the other day, I am so appreciative of y'all for supporting me and my mind.

Have a Happy New Years!





I Really Hate Biters.

..At least throw me a fucking shout or link to my page..

..Back up 5 miles so my dick can fall out your mouth..

..While you read this, just know that feeling you feel right now..

..Is your soul leaving your body for it's lack of respect and creativity..

..No wonder I don't fuck with facebook it's full of Cakeboys..



..Restock on 34th Street in NYC..

..This shit is crazy, restock line looking worse than the release day line..


P.S. Shouts to @AjBk4Life1

Amazing T Shirt


Stop It 5

..Shit so outta hand bitches rocking them to the club now..

..and the Bouncers are letting them in!!!..


Oh Aight.

..So we just gon rock Ski Moon Boots with shorts right?..

..This the nigga who said he gon kidnap Jay-Z's wife..

..This nigga Drake is so influential..


Her Shape Though.

..Legs Small as Shit and got the Upper Body of Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1982..

..Over there looking like a snake with 2 mice stuck inside him..

..Gon wear a striped mini skirt to further fuck up people eye's..


This Nigga Shoepreme


5 Days Deep

..He Just Don't Give A Fuck..
..Ashy Cankles And All..

P.S. Shouts to Msfourfteleven

Dope Job,

..and you thought being Santa was a sucker's job for X-Mas..


Dope Sticker.






Quality Control.

..That's some bullshit B..

..This shit you got niggas paying $180 for?..

..This shit that got niggas ripping doors off the hinges and dying for?..

..shit look like Wolverine was trying to lace them shits b..

..Man Fuck Jordan Brand..

P.S. Shouts to @ATLSoleSurvivor

This Bitch Can't Dance.


P.S. Shouts to @Sincerelyletty



..WTF is going on here?..

..That bitch tall as fuck..

..Her Knee Is Ashy..

..Her feet look burnt..

..Why the fuck is that house empty?..

..There's like $87 on the floor under a vacuum that's not even plugged in..

..Her armpits match her foot..

..I'm lost...

P.S. Shouts to @BanLooseWalls

Ain't this some bullshit.


P.S. Shouts to @Quanb24

Ayo This Nigga Sucks.





..Huarache Free 2012 QS..

P.S. Shouts to @SoleRealTM

Drake & Tats.

..So if you watch that vid, Drake says he wants to beat up the tattoo artist who tatted Drake on that dumb ass chicks forehead..

..But this nigga gon get Aaliyah tatted on his back?!..



Props To Jared Jeffries

..For giving Lebron James hairline a run for it's money..


Why You Dirty Mahfuckas..

..You just gon rock Concords and cuddle up in a pile of Filth right?..

..Y'all some coon ass fucks B..

..Niggas taking pics up in the attic or some shit..

..Nasty Niggas..
..Hold up is that 2 niggas kissing?..


Randy Moss Looking For Work.

..What in all nations of fucks is this nigga wearing?..

..It's like a fusion of sports, hip-hop, bruno, swimwear, and hooker..

..Why is this nigga even out like this in the Day Time..

..This nigga need his ass beat with a foamposite..


The Most Suspect Nigga Of 2011.

..Fuck wrong with this nigga?..

..As much as he likes to fight the fact that he's not a pussy..

..He goes and takes pictures like this..


This Nigga Haircut!


..This nigga got Big Pun's logo on his head..



AraabMuzik - Dubstep

..Fucking Disgusting!..


P.S. Shouts to Nastynate

This Bitch.


..Bitch gon burn homies Concords and say "I bet he won't cheat on me again"..

..Bitch no wonder he cheated..

..Look at you..


..Ole Chief Wiggums from the Simpsons looking ass bitch..

..Fuck a Cheat..

..I'd roll up in the crib and lay that bitch the fuck out..


..Bitch you could burn all my got damn kicks if I was to ever date you..

..Shit I'll set em all on fire and Jimmy Fly Snuka body splash off the bed onto the burning pile of kicks and burn my got damn self, if I ever had a bitch that looked like her..


Visuals of Air Jordan Concord XI Drop is Serious Business

..Indianapolis, IN..

..Houston, TX at Greenpoint Mall..

..Miami, Fl at Pembroke Pines Mall..

..Boynton Beach, FL at Boynton Mall..

..Alexandria, LA..

..Brooklyn, NY 86th & 4th Avenue..

..Serramonte Mall in Daley City, Ca..

..All this sad nonsense going on over sneakers, is it really that serious, that people must get knocked out, doors get torn off hinges, people get trampled, stabbed over this?..

..It's to the point where I no longer feel like being a part of this "community", I don't feel like representing this culture if this is the dark side of it..

..I'm also on the fence with believing and agreeing with paying extra over box price to secure a pair, I for one would rather pay an extra 60-100 over the box price to have them a few weeks early, then to lose my life or be seriously hurt over a sneaker..

..I'd rather save my life, than saving some dollars..



Air Jordan Concord XI Drop is Serious Business Revised

..Longest Line goes to Daley City, CA..


..Cops came and they threw bottles at the cop car..


..They literally have fucking camping tents..

..I mean real tents with support beams and the whole wind resistant stationary posts..


..These niggas done brought an Air Mattress to the Line..


..Niggas not playing B..

..Niggas dead ass rocking the Call Of Duty Ghost Perk Ghillie Suit for them Concords..

..I seen the mahfucking Juggernaught too, he was first in line b..

..Shit is real..

..Nigga even Don Flamenco in the red and black skully from Mike Tyson's Punchout is on a Concord line..

..Dude's is fighting tooth and nails over these yo..


..Breaking Windows and shit At Footaction..

..This shit is the truth nigga..

..Hypebeast are in full effect out in this mahfucka..


..You really not bout that life my dude..

..Fam got his newborn baby with him on the line..

..Kids holding they Grandmoms SSI check for ransom until she get them concords!..

..Niggas in highwater sweatpants rocking III's been camping since the 19th..

..All jokes aside, be safe out there for the concords B..

..Soon as 11:30pm hits, goons is gearing up..


..Don't want y'all caught up like this over some kicks man..